"Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered" Animated Special Talkback (Spoilers)

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James Harvey

The World's Finest
Staff member
Apr 23, 2001
Batman and the Justice League need to work together to save Superman! Check out the Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leagured animated special tonight at 6pm (ET) on Cartoon Network!

Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered
Monday, October 27 at 6:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network

Batman prides himself on being a loner, a totally self sufficient one-man band. He is understandably irritated when his nightly cleanup of Gotham City villains is interrupted by Superman, who pesters Batman to join his new Super-Hero team, the Justice League. After Batman makes it quite clear to the Man of Steel that his invitation has been declined, Superman flies off disappointed ... whereupon he is overcome with a strange energy and vanishes!

With Earth's mightiest super-being missing, it's time for the World's Greatest Detective to spring into action. With no time to lose and the entire planet to search, Batman enlists the aid of the fastest man alive, The Flash. Together their high- speed search leads them to the villainous Captain Cold, who is stealing an ancient artifact in Egypt. After the Flash has likewise vanished at the end of their battle with evil, Batman teams up with Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg to fight famous costumed Super-Villains before vanishing one-by-one at the hand of a mysterious enemy. It now falls to the Dark Knight, who alone must free the newly-formed Justice League from a powerful foe. But can Batman learn the value of being a team-player before the Justice League is lost forever?


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Defender of the Universe
Sep 7, 2004
It was the type of humor I'd expect from a Lego cartoon, which means I really enjoyed it. I read the cast list two weeks ago, which was a huge spoiler, but nonetheless there was just enough of "How will they do it?" that I didn't care. It's Lego, after all.

Let's also just say fictional Batman fanboys sound a lot like the ones on the internet. :)


Well-Known Member
May 26, 2003
Let me start by saying I have never actually watched any visual LEGO media, outside of The LEGO Movie. I have never watched any of the Star Wars (not a huge fan of that franchise anyway) or Bionicle or Harry Potter or NinjaGo or Chima specials or episodes at all.

However, my friend wanted to watch this, so I came in blind, and I came out kinda liking it. I really liked how they kept Batman in character with his "I work alone" and I didn't really see the door gag coming. But yeah, Bat-Mite basically is a representation of Batfans on the internet :)


Beef Blob
Aug 8, 2014
New Jersey
The cameo by the Bat-Family towards the beginning really helped sell the Bat-loner joke. The leaguers are really aggressive about pushing membership, its like they're gym recruiters or something...

I guess Bat-Mite survived fading out of existence at the end of The Brave and the Bold, but it looks like he didn't learn a thing.

This was pretty fun. If Teen Titans Go! was more like this, I'd make more of an effort to keep up with it.


Cool Rider
Jul 24, 2007
A really fun little special.

It had action, humour and lots of great moments for comic book fans. I was surprised that they went with The New 52 versions of Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin, considering the rather retro feel of the special. Lego Batman is always a joy to watch and Troy Baker pulls him off remarkably well. He played it a little broader here than he did in Lego Batman 2, but it worked quite well.

Having Bat-mite be the ultimate villian was a stroke of genuis and certainly worked well for the comedic Lego universe. As always, he was ably voiced by Paul Reubens making him more adorable than annoying.

Not much else to say really, except that this is great entertainment for kids but it certainly won't bore the parents either. I can't say I'm clamouring for more from this universe, but seeing as things like this are all that CN will support now, I suppose a few more specials with Lego Justice League could be fun. All in all, a great little treat for Batman's 75th anniversary and it geared me up even more for Lego Batman 3.



Staff member
Mar 8, 2009
A Valid Location
I thought this was a fun special. The humor worked for the most part, and it was entertaining enough for me. Really enjoyed the brief cameo of the extended Bat-family, and Batman's scenes with Superman, Flash and Aquaman. Batmite's inclusion wasn't that surprising, and it felt pretty natural. All in all, a good Lego special and I wouldn't mind seeing more like this in the future.
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