Last-Minute Schedule Changes And Getting Rid of "Low-Rated" Shows When Kids Are Off


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Jan 5, 2014
There was meant to be a new episode of The Rocketeer airing on the Disney Junior channel on May 1, but the channel underwent an ongoing schedule change, with Vampirina airing instead.


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If only it was possible for companies to rethink their decision to make movies exclusive to streaming back to their initial supposed theatrican run - they'll have to look at how the situation is faring in countries and regions.

Wonder why it's impossible to screen "outdated" or "delayed" movies when the situation eases.
Changed the banner to match the upcoming anniversary better. Based on the logo switch ident featuring Bloo.
MeTV went off the air for about 15 minutes, right during one of the last Svengoolie segments up until it was time for the news (which I get in my area instead of Star Trek).
Well Bakugan was made in Canada too, so...

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