land before time... who HATES it???

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Stinky Cat

i hate it hate it hate it!! and thats gonna be on for two days! aahh!

Stinky Cat

well the first one was okay but the other nine were sooo annoying.. i also liked peetrey! i went to pizza hut and got the puppets too! :D


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Nov 8, 2001
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Good gravey!! haven't we had enough "Land Before Time" sequles?!? Universal is worse than Disney. The only good thing about this is that Don Bluth didn't work on those sequals. (Thank god. It would've diminished his credibility even more than it already is.) Universal just saw fit to milk The Land Before Time for all it's worth, and boy did they ever. I like Don Bluth's animation style, (Especially on the Dragon's lair, and Space Ace games i have for DVD.) but his films are usually hit, or miss. Titan A.E., for good, or Ill, is the only one that actually has some balls. On a related note, when Dragon's Lair, and Space Ace were popular in the arcades, Ruby-Spears adapted them into animated shows. (Dragon's Lair was on ABC, while Space Ace became part of Saturday Supercade on CBS.) Bluth was not involved in either of them. which explains why they looked inferior to the games. I would like to see them again just for laughs though. Anyway, let's get back to the point. Universal, you need to stop this right now!! Enough is enough. Come up with something original, edgy, and funny for a change!!! It may give you some credibility in the long run.

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Stinky Cat

i really hate it because there are soooo many! plus they are sooo annoying... im glad to se im not the only one who ABSOLUTELY HATES IT!!!


Sep 20, 2001
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Originally posted by Stinky Cat
i really hate it because there are soooo many! plus they are sooo annoying... im glad to se im not the only one who ABSOLUTELY HATES IT!!!
The first one was definitely the best. I bought the soundtrack, and I loved the music. They should have stopped at one, but...

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Oct 14, 2001
The first one was a classic, so it's such a shame so many cheezy sequels had to follow it. All they are repeats of one another. They all have the same mundane plot over and over again. That and they music diminishes with every one that comes out.
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