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May 13, 2006
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Neat! Is there any word on season 3? It would be weird if this show just ended at 26 episodes.

Anyways, season two thoughts from months ago:

It was a pretty strong season, for the most part, though I like it a little less than the first one. I guess that's mainly because the whole conflict with Xiao, Shi Long, and Sun Wukong/the Monkey King feels divorced from any character arcs or plots involving Po and the kids. The closest we have to that is Fan Tong's puppy romance Xiao, but that's really it. So, it's a little harder to get invested.

I do like Shi Long as the main villain way more than season one's, though. I know that's technically the White Bone Demon, but Shi Long was most active and did most of the dirty work. I thought her whole backstory as the royals's step-daughter who was emotionally abandoned once they had Xiao as their "real" daughter was pretty sad, and it made me root for her a bit, particularly with how bratty Xiao started out as. I do think having her murder the Emperor and that whole rabbit village felt like the writers trying too hard to remind us not to feel bad for her, just like Legend of Korra's Kuvira and the convenient, off-screen re-education camps.

Really cool to see Jade Tusk back. She was way more involved in the main plot than I expected.

I liked Sun Wukong a lot, but I like trickster characters in general, and I was wondering if this franchise would ever touch on Journey to the West. Also, hey, Monkey's voice actor voiced him, which was appropriate. It was also nice hearing Lacey Chabert and Sumalee Montano, the latter being a mini Beware the Batman reunion with JB Blanc, Jeff Bennett, and Mitch Watson.

Speaking of the Furious Five, we do have a scene of Po consoling Nu Hai by telling her about Tigress and how she also doubted herself sometimes. It was really nice and if this show continues, I hope they bring them in at least once.


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Jan 5, 2014

I found this tweet from voice director Charlie Adler, where he said "So proud to have been a part of this amazing series.". The fact he spoke in past tense means it's most likely over. It's not too surprising given how, unless it's a preschool show, most Amazon cartoons usually only 26 episodes.


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