Kojima Productions Has Disbanded

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The Boss
Oct 24, 2008
Man, I was hoping Kojima Productions just split from Konami, that way they could still make games together as a unit, but they disbanded.

I guess the only thing I can do is keep an eye out for Kojima himself as well as Yoji Shinkawa (love his art) just to see if they decide to go somewhere else.


Sep 4, 2010
My money's on Kojima pulling an Igarashi and funding some kind of spiritual successor to one of his games via Kickstarter. Probably not MGS, though, I bet it will be Snatcher or Policenauts or maybe even Zone of the Enders because he always seemed to want to do more than MGS and Konami would keep pushing him to only make MGS games.

Konami's also gone downhill for me. Their lackluster treatment of Hudson Soft properties (which may be why the PC Engine stuff isn't on Virtual Console on 3DS/Wii U here) along with betrayal of fans of their other franchises like Gradius, Castlevania and Contra have soured me on them and the recent news of Kojima's name and company being dropped from the MGSV box along with their statement on moving towards mobile games have reinforced it. Ever since they dropped the old "flags" logo for that boring red thing it was like the start of a slippery slope.

Only thing they've been doing somewhat okay with recently is Bemani, but those games tend to stay in Japan aside from the odd Sound Voltex/IIDX machine at Round 1, which is starting to get locations in several places (except Florida...)

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