Kids show with Creepy Characters singing and dancing a lot. WT? What show is this?

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Sep 7, 2018
What show is this? It's a kids show!

There are these creepy characters who sing and dance a lot. They sing many songs including this one, "Rar In Grin Grinda Grinda Grinda Rar In Grin Grin".

Do your kids watch this? I'd rather watch Teen Titans Go.

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Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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It was about characters singing and dancing a lot
What colors were the characters? Did they have any noticeable features like googly eyes? Were any of them animals? Were they simply people dressed in puppet suits, or animatronic creatures like the Gorgs from Fraggle Rock? These are all details we need before we can find the show for you.
Dec 3, 2017
United States
If you're positive it's not Yo Gabba Gabba! (because that's what it sounds like to me), the only other shows that come to mind right away are Sesame Street, Teletubbies or Boobah, but I don't even think these completely fit the description you've given.


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