"Justice League" Week: Was "Justice League Unlimited" a Fitting Conclusion to the DCAU?

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Apr 23, 2001
The big screen live-action Justice League movie hits theatres Friday, November 17th (with early screenings tonight, November 16) so there's no better time to discuss the animated adventures of the World's Greatest Heroes! Every day, a new Justice League-themed topic will be posted, so check back and share your thoughts! And now, we're going back to the DCAU, because, come on ... it's the DCAU...

Was Justice League Unlimited a fitting conclusion of the DC Animated Universe? Yes, there have been projects created after the airdate of the Justice League Unlimited series finale that take place within that continuity, but it's still widely considered the definitive conclusion of that universe. So, to ask again: Do you think it was a fitting finale to the DCUA? Why or why not? Explain!

Discuss away!


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May 28, 2010
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I think between "Epilogue" and all the story beats from Superman: The Animated Series that were able to reach a conclusion in JLU, it was as satisfying an ending as the DCAU could've hoped for.

Most of the character arcs for the cast had been fulfilled by that point, with at least some teasing for the future, and the finale had just about everybody in action and off to save the day in the very last minutes.

I think the best way it sums itself up as the ending of the DCAU: "And the adventure continues."


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Jul 13, 2003
It was a fitting ending at the right time. I'm glad they got to end it with an 'the adventure continues' format since we know it does.

But it's not fitting in the sense,if I dwell on it too long then I start saying to myself - oh, it'd be cool if the revisited JLU Beyond, it'd be cool if, if if.
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Nov 10, 2010
It could have gone on forever to this day and never stop. But yes, it didn't feel like it was missing something when it ended

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Bump... *not picking on you, just jumping in to say: I actually found the ending to JLU rather cheesy and rushed. I am not sure what I would have preferred, but what I saw just didn’t scream “finale” as much as it should have... IMO.

I was under the impression that the thread was referring to the series being the last DCAU series, not whether or not the last episode was satisfying. And I'd agree with you that was perhaps was not as satisfying and definitive a last episode as it could have been.

That being said, it was a far better ending than most action cartoons EVER get. The only better ending I can think of from an action toon is Transformers: Prime. So while maybe Destroyer wasn't the great episode for the franchise to go out on that Epilogue would have been, it's not like it still wasn't the best superhero toon ending we ever got. I'll keep any critiques I have of it mild for that reason.


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Sep 25, 2004
Yes, the final episode was perfect. And we had Epilogue with Batman Beyond the season prior.

Superhero shows could go on forever, we know there's enough stories to use, but it was fine ending when it did.


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