"Justice League vs. The Fatal Five (Music from the DC Universe Movie)" Soundtrack Talkback (Spoilers)

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James Harvey

The World's Finest
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Apr 23, 2001
Dynamic Music Partners incredible score to Justice League vs The Fatal Five is now available to own digitally from Dynamic Soundtrack Records!

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five (Music from the DC Universe Movie)
Dynamic Soundtrack Records
Release Date: January 15, 2021 - Digital

Description: The fate of the planet rests on the shoulders of a reluctant Green Lantern and an unstable hero from the future in Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, The DC Universe Movie title inspired by the classic Justice League/Justice League Unlimited animated series. Dynamic Music Partners return to the Watchtower to provide the film's score!

Track List:
1. “Justice League vs. the Fatal Five” – Michael McCuistion (0:34)
2. Stealing the Time Machine / Falling to Earth – Michael McCuistion (2:47)
3. Superman Saves Boy – Michael McCuistion (0:58)
4. I Need My Meds – Lolita Ritmanis (2:12)
5. Jessica Forest Nightmare – Kristopher Carter (1:42)
6. Inner Struggle Every Day – Lolita Ritmanis (1:12)
7. Diana Finds Jessica – Kristopher Carter (0:43)
8. A New Green Lantern – Michael McCuistion (0:57)
9. Bats and Megan Take Down Bloodsport – Kristopher Carter (1:44)
10. Threatening Three Street Fight – Kristopher Carter (2:10)
11. Blood of Superman / Losing It Again – Lolita Ritmanis (3:07)
12. Love Across Time and Space / They’re Going After Jessica – Michael McCuistion (1:25)
13. Threatening Three Attack Portland – Kristopher Carter (2:28)
14. Parking Garage Battle – Michael McCuistion (2:18)
15. Peril in the Sky – Lolita Ritmanis (2:05)
16. Shipping Star Jess – Kristopher Carter (1:11)
17. Smoke Them Out – Michael McCuistion (1:09)
18. We Need Her – Michael McCuistion (1:03)
19. Inside His Head – Lolita Ritmanis (1:37)
20. Legion Museum Visit – Kristopher Carter (1:52)
21. Only a Memory – Lolita Ritmanis (1:32)
22. Empress Makes an Entrance – Michael McCuistion (1:40)
23. No Med Mind Crumble (Kristopher Carter (1:10)
24. A Bad Day for Mass Transit – Lolita Ritmanis & Kristopher Carter (2:44)
25. Tharok Contacts Jessica – Michael McCuistion (1:19)
26. Jessica Surrenders – Kristopher Carter (1:12)
27. Journey to Oa – Michael McCuistion (2:02)
28. Jessica Opens Locks – Kristopher Carter (1:54)
29. Kilowog Is Stabbed – Lolita Ritmanis (3:14)
30. Fatal Five Visit Convenience Store – Kristopher Carter (1:27)
31. Fatal Five Raid Bunker – Kristopher Carter (3:02)
32. Oa in Ruins – Michael McCuistion (2:19)
33. Wonder Woman Defeats Persuader – Kristopher Carter (2:08)
34. Jessica Becomes Green Lantern – Michael McCuistion (2:05)
35. Jessica Defeats the Fatal Five – Michael McCuistion (3:03)
36. Selfless – Lolita Ritmanis (2:52)
37. Legion Pays Respects – Kristopher Carter (2:22)
38. “Justice League vs. the Fatal Five” End Credits – Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter and Lolita Ritmanis (3:04)

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Josh Senft

New Member
Feb 1, 2017
So elated to finally hear this score! Excited for their new label, and as far as a "holy grail" score goes, I'm dying to hear more DCAU scores, especially Batman Beyond (Rebirth, Lost Soul, Spellbound, Shriek, Meltdown, Disappearing Inque?), JLU (Epilogue, Dark Heart, The Doomsday Sanction?), STAS (The Late Mr. Kent, Stolen Memories?), and Teen Titans (The Apprentice, X, Masks, Betrayal?). But I will happily buy anything and everything we can get our hands on!
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Jan 7, 2002
This soundtrack came out of nowhere but boy am I ever glad it did. It'll do nicely until we get out next Justice League soundtrack. I don't think I'll ever tire of hearing new music from DMP especially when it's based on their JLU and DCAU work. This soundtrack is a great mix of familiar tunes and new and I'll definitely be listening to it for awhile to come. While I assume a CD isn't coming anytime I hope this is the start of more releases from them.


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