Justice League v.s The X-Men (Evolution)

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Dec 30, 2001
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as much as i like x-men... JL takes my vote... x-men evolution r just some punk kids... look how they dumbed down wolverine's character... i don't picture him as a badass on the show...

the JL can easily take 'em on... prof x & jean grey (the telepaths), & wolvie (mutant healing power) would probably be the most difficult x-men to beat...

JL... they all have control of their powers and have a pretty good chance... btw, if Batman could survive the alien invasion, he could survive the X-Men.

on my list, #1 superhero team: Justice League, #2: X-Men

#1 individual: Batman, #2: Spidey


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Nov 8, 2001
Washington, PA.
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I'd rather see the regular X-Men battle the Justice Leauge. That would be a fair fight. Here are the match-ups.

Batman vs. Wolverine
Superman vs. Magneto
Martian Manhunter vs. Professor Xavier
Wonder Woman vs. Rogue
Hawkgirl vs. Archangel
Green Lantern vs Cyclops
Aquaman vs Storm
Flash vs Gambit

Batman, and Wolverine are almost alike. Except Batman is more experienced and dose detective work, where as Wolvering is more aggressive and uses his instincs.

Flash, and Gambit are alike as well. They both have a thing for women (Gambit flirting with Rough, and Flash flirting with Wonder Woman, or Hawkgirl.) Just seeing their egos in battle alone is worth it.

Wonder Woman, and Rogue would be the ultamete bettle to see. Diana is noble and majestic, where as Rogue is more agressive, and playful. Rogue has to drain any member of the Justice Leauge's powers, and the fight is over.

J'onn J'onzz and Xavier would be a fun battle to look at. Both have telepathic powers.


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