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fantastic 7

American Avenger
Jul 8, 2005
Great episode all the way. that fight in the watchtower was totally awsome;) . nice to have steel be more involved. but i wish I could have seen MM kick butt:D

Batman was great in this esp. his reaction to turning himself in.

I can't believe Lex is Brainiac!!!:) next episode should be really good

Oh and could someone tell me why supergirl's clone was so much more powerful than her?


Active Member
Apr 12, 2004
And this, in turn, trumps The End part II.

WOW. This just keeps getting better and better. Someone - I forget who, sorry - said in reference to the final battle with Billy Numerious, "A fight involving hundreds of combatants should be breathtaking." Ya happy now? :p In particular, wonderful bit with Huntress defending The Question, and then... well, you saw. Then you've got those fights in the third act... I'd just like to point out another great moment as the lights come back on. "Whoooo!" *Zap* "Awwww." Batman vs. Luthor... excellent. It all comes together, and then... look out! Did NOT see that coming.

5/5, easily.


Feb 11, 2003
if we're counting ALOTO then this is the 2nd time Braniacs taken over someones body. its also the second time Braniacs used Lex. running out of ideas much? :p even if those are re-used ideas that didn't stop the ending from shocking me to pieces :eek:

all of this season they build Superman up as a super jerk and now only in the last couple of episodes do they make him the goodguy again :sweat: him and the league turning themselves in were just great its to bad a little more of that couldn't have been shown.

the JL isn't to smart having that space station they're sitting ducks and put themselves "above" the people. heres hoping their base is relocated down on the Earth. WW was actually bearable for once with her diplomatic type lines of how they should get rid of the cannon :)

league vs the Ultimen melee battle was just cool and did you notice even the Watchtower employees didn't back down? in a place filled with heroes none were there to help so these regular people stood and fought to protect the place like real heroes. that moment should be remembered most

Human Shield

Aug 23, 2004
East Coast, USA
The League turning themselves in was a great plot point, never thought it.

I think the last time Brianic was on Earth was Knight Time. Brianic had somehow got from Lex computers (before getting erased in Ghost in the Machine) to Wayne's systems.

Brianic has controlled people with nano bots before, he must have gotten into Lex's cancer suit and filled up Lex's body (should have appeared on scans thou). The real Lex is still in there but turning into a robo blob is going to be hard to recover from.

So an Amazo bot takes weeks to build? So the Earth could crank out the most powerful weapon in the universe every few weeks. Earth could conquer every race in the universe, slap up the green lanterns and the New Gods. The Hawk people should have just asked for an Amazo bot and the war would be over. Amazo is the biggest loophole in the DCAU in my opinion, the one Amazo needs to be a huge fluke that can't be repeated.
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Temple Fugate

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Jan 15, 2004
Dr Crocodile said:
Since when is the Creeper part of the Justice League?
Since "Initiation."
Dr Crocodile said:
How many episodes are left in the season and where will it all go now?
There are two episodes left. The next episode ends this arc. The final episode is a stand-alone episode that was originally written to end the entire DCAU. This was before b.t. & co. got a greenlight from CN to make another 13-episode season.
Rabi~en~Rose said:
league vs the Ultimen melee battle was just cool and did you notice even the Watchtower employees didn't back down? that moment should be remembered
Yes. That was a short but brilliant scene proving that EVERYONE can be a hero.


Active Member
Feb 24, 2003
This Brainiac plot twist better produce something major. Yes its great Waller saw what Lex was doing, but we've been lead this entire time to expect a huge battle between the government and the JLU, where Superman and the 7 will have to face how they've gone too far and hopefully the government would see how far they've gone as well, that's supposed to be far reaching and affects how the future in "Epilogue" will be.

If this ends with everyhting all honky-dory, and that people just need to have faith in others and they'll try not to go over the edge, etc. then, whew, man.

(I don't expect the writers to write something that bad, but I am fearing that it might just be mediorce and a let down after all the build-up.)


Wind Chasing Fist
Sep 11, 2004
Weird. As soon as Batman was thrown I thought "That grappling hook isn't goin to latch on everytime", and sure enough...

I liked the episode though. Gosh it's good to have story arcs again! Die standalone episodes, Die. It wasn't as good as the past two eps but it holds up quite nicely. I'm glad to see that the team took a few steps back and decided to use their head. Their emotions were running so high lately I expected nothing short of Armageddon and the ruin of the entire Unlimited concept. I should have known better though. Cadmus never perfected their genetic experiments, and they lost Doomsday awhile ago. Galatea was all they had left outside of high tech weaponry. The action was good for the most part. It was full of great moments but the overall flow wasn't as tight. Galatea seriously kicked the crap out of Kara and man did she look great doing it. . Maybe now Kara will take her position a little more seriously and buy a better uniform(Yeah..I'm reaching). I couldn't be happier that they took the godhood out of that ridiculous Amazo technology/nanotech in general!! And thank heaven there were no power debilitating handcuffs. @_@

I wonder when Braniac decided to go organic. I say that not only because he was merged with Lex, but he had Tentacles. What the? :eek: Did I miss something? Great stuff Team Timm, great stuff.


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Sep 25, 2004
So...has that NOT been Lex this entire season? If not, then we've been watching Braniac all season long? Wha?


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Sep 15, 2002
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OH MY GOD, That was the coolest episode ever!!! I loved it so much! The episodes in this arc just keep topping each other. "Question Authority" was really good, and then "Flashpoint was shockingly amazing". Now, "Panic in the Sky" was the best out of these three! If this continues, the next two episodes are going to completely blow my mind.

I had just seen parts 1 & 2 of TT's "The End" and those were fantastic episodes, but still not as amazing as JLU was tonight. This episode literally had me out of my seat, whooping and hollering my reactions. :sweat: And I'm not one who usually gets so caught up in TV shows. But this was just amazing.

I expected it to be the big fight episode for the arc, and it was, but it was executed so brilliantly. Seriously. I loved the fight in the Watchtower, where a lot of the new heros got to have their moments. I love the little team Vigilante, Shining Knight, and Atom Smasher seem to have. The Ray!!! OMG, The Ray was in this episode, I haven't seen him since the Young Justice comic ended. Red Tornado too, he wasn't dead! And he really gave it to those 3 Wind Dragons. The whole fight scene was great.

Then there was Galatea vs. Supergirl. That could not have been any better. The dialouge between them was so interesting, and their battle was so brutal. Steel had a cool part in that too. I was so surprised when it looked like Supergirl was going to kill Galatea in the end, but she deserved it. I honestly don't know whether she's going to die or not, because when they showed her she was still twitching. But can't believe they got away with showing that! She looked so badly damaged. Yay JLU creative team!

Not to mention the actions the original 7 took, that was cool. And it was so perfect how Batman reacted. They couldn't just sit around and wait for someone to clear them. Batman really took matters into his own hands, while the League did what was probably best in their situation.

What else... I can't remember, I'm still too energetic from watching that episode. I did have one complaint about this episode though. It was too dang dark! I understand that the power was out, and that's cool and all, but I couldn't see everything that clearly. I mean, BTAS was really dark, but most of the time you could see what was going on...most of the time.:p Now that every thing is digital, I don't think they handled the darkness so well because the animation was so amazing otherwise. It just looked like it had a dark filter over it. (bleh >:p)

And oh yeah, the end! The confrontation with Lex was so awesome! Batman was great, and that so could have been his last moment, had the others not come to his rescue. And to see Waller actually do something good? She was great in this also. And Lex, wow, his role in all of this has been so shocking. Lex/Brainiac? I can't wait to see where this goes. I don't know if I can wait a whole week.

Wow, what a great this was for DCAU fans. This episode was... simply orgasmic. *sigh*

Dens Maris

Humble Supporting Character
Apr 7, 2004
United States
Mister Intensity said:
The filler episode of the season finale.
That's a pretty lame attitude to have.

I echo what I said weeks ago. I don't know what it is, but I have no complaints with the way this season is ending. It's like I can suddenly forgive all the little flaws just because it's so damn good. Even if Braniac gets resurrected more often than your average Dragon Ball Z character, I'm just on the edge of my seat to see what's coming next. And I just realized THAT's how Lex's kryptonite-induced cancer problem was probably resolved, as well as the super-strength and prime physique. Yikes. How the hell...?

And oh, those fight scenes. So many highlights.

-- Red Tornado returning to beat three Wind Dragons in a contest of powers.

-- The general brawling scenes and how well they meshed together. Atom Smasher brought down a Longshadow and then one of the flyers (who whizzes by being chased in an earlier scene) traps three Juices underneath the collapsing body, like something out of Star Wars with X-Wings and TIE Fighters.

-- Black Canary opening up. Hip-tossing Wind Dragon, mule-kicking Downpour in the same motion, then letting the scream loose on all of them later on. It's strange that Superman and Aquaman both had trouble against the Ultimen, and there she was just annihilating them.

-- Galatea's beatdown on Steel and subsequent thrashing of Supergirl. For such one-sided fights, they was pretty taut. I thought she killed Steel when she brought down that huge debris slab on him; with half of his body exposed, he should by all means and rights have been killed instantly. I also commend the animators for actually beefing up Galatea this time; her physical superiority over Supergirl was easier to believe because of it.

-- That hilarious shot of Wildcat and Red Tornado pausing as the power comes back on- over a PILE of beaten Longshadows.

My hat goes off to the animation and storyboarding. Awesome through and through.

Rosert Gnimhar*

No.1. I am the kid next door!
Dec 20, 2002
In the arms of love...
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karasu said:
We'll find out. If anything is for certain it's that Braniac loves explaining himself.
So true!!:D

As was alluded to earlier, I think its the "SHOCK after SHOCK" nature of this entire season finale four parter thus far that has made it such a stand out. Teen Titans arc is great and a really well thought out story with Raven, but what I think gives JLU the upper hand week after week IMO is that the story progression in Teen Titans, while interesting, is much slower, while JLU is so fast pace with a new surprise around every corner that just keeps the story rustling forward.

Again, another superb episode. 4/5*

Peace out!;)



Intercept Now!
Aug 15, 2003
Another awesome installment :cool:. I'll dare not to say "wow" for the third talkback in a row, that'd be boring, I'll go with "woah" this week. Woah. The hug Galatea gave Hamilton before she left was definately a scene I wouldn't expect to see, nice touch there. Having the league turn themselves in to comply with the Government was a logical step to go with, as was Batman deciding not to join with them. The [interior] shots of the missles crashing through the Watchtower walls seemed a bit weak, not sure why though.

The fights between the league members and the Ultimen looked great, things ran very smoothly. I wish Michael Dorn could've voiced Steel this time, but Phil Lamaar did a great job... hope Dorn could have a reprisal another time. The smackdown between Galatea and Supergirl was great, Steel got pretty roughed up though, glad to see him sporting the same face he did in STAS. Supergirl shocking Galatea was a nice way of doing away with her, thought for a second it might've turned out to be a real dark moment for Supergirl, but it didn't turn out quite that way.

The moments at Lexcorp were great. Waller melting Lex's Amazo mock-up was an expected surprise, certainly didn't see that one coming. Of course, what seemed to be Brainiac bursting out of Lex's body was the real shocker, just awesome! Can't wait to see next week, I'm thoroughly impressed so far :cool:.


a playa in a world of NPCs
Feb 24, 2002
Franklin Square, NY
Dang, man. Definitely didn't see that one coming. This episode wasn't as good on its own as the past two, but that's to be expected in a four-parter. There have to be dynamics; if the four-episode arc is completely comprised of "highs", then the end result is actually just bland. No need to compare separate episodes within the arc.

However, I would say that if the Ultimen's origin episode was better, their relevance to this story might pack more of a punch.

This continues to just be a really smart show. They didn't come out and drive it into your head that Waller was unaware that Lex fired the cannon; it was a plot point that was subtle enough to be interesting, but not just unexplained. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this point, but... I didn't quite realize last week that Waller really did believe that the JLU fired the cannon. So seeing that plot thread surface this week was really interesting.

Solitude1 said:
The whole new league fight scene was pretty good I guess. Power Girl or Galatea really whooped some ass.:eek: Jesus. For her to be electrocuted and then defeated was kind of lame.
Did you SEE what happened? That was friggin' brutal, man!


Feb 6, 2002
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Another amazing episode. My favorite lines by the Flash "The Batmobile lost a wheel..." and Batman "You want me to WHAT!?" Great seeing B-Man being his bad assed self again. "I'm a part-timer remember". I knew he wouldn't go down that easily. I was surprised to see Waller listen to him though. It shows she can see reason. Didn't see Brainiac pretending to be Luthor though. Whoa. I hope they show the next episode at Comic Con next week otherwise I'll have to wait until July 18th to see "Divided We Fall". :(

JLU team, you guys rule!

Bit Cloud

Mar 28, 2005
Power Girl sure was brutal tonight, she beat the crap out of Steel and Kara. Then got herself fried.. Now I can't wait to find out about Brainiac
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May 26, 2005
After that twister at the end we should keep in mind...

Recent Dwayne McDuffie Interview said:
McDuffie says his only real peeve is when people write long critiques of episodes they haven’t yet seen based on what they have heard happens or, worse, what they think is going to happen. He believes they should view the content before condemning or endorsing it.
The Luthor Brainiac twister in the end has really got alot of pple thniking bout the next episodes but i think we shouldn't be thinking:

Cop out! No Government vs the League!
Lame! No Kingdom Come!
They dropped the plot! No more character developement to Superman turning Justice Lord!

As DD said what we think is gonna happen next week doesn't mean its gonna happen next week.

"The ultiman" vs "League minus Seven" was a great way to let the other leagues have a role in the finale, with a cast of over 50 superheores fitting them into any coherent story line was gonna be tough
"You want me to WHAT!?"
"This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard."
"I don't have to do anything...I'm a part-timer remember?"

Gotta love the BAT!:D Nice to see Eiling get what he deserved!

"The batmobile broke a wheel. The Joker got away. That's what I heard."
Love Flash too:p He's so silly!

This episode was great! Loved it and everything about it. Boy, Galatea sure went out gruesome. OUCH! But man, did she beat the crap out of Supergirl and Steel. Now that was a thrashing! Nice to see Captain Atom step up and do the right thing. Though I really wanted Question to turn around in the wind. You know how badly those hospital gowns cover the back. Wanna see the hiney.:p ;)

I think this season has just been absolutley killer. I really don't see how people have problems with it. It's been great drama and full of surprises and great dialog and fight scenes. What more could you want? Can't wait for next week. Brainiac's going to get a thrashing, me thinks.;)


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