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Most Dangerous
Jun 7, 2004
Batman's "This is the dumbest plan ever" thing made my day.

Hehe an army of evil wonder twins is perhapse the greatest evil plan ever. Brainiac Lex is freaky awesome looking and I'm hoping for a great fight ahead.


Give Deadpool a SOLO ongoing!
Jan 14, 2003
Fernandina Beach, FL
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What aa awesome fight!!!!!! Creeper, Atom Smasher, Fire, Huntress.....we saw all most of the league kick some butt. While this wasn't as good as the last few weeks the action totally ruled!! This is the action we should have seen doing that Booster Gold episode.

I was very surprised that the Supes made everyone turn themselves in. I loved Bats reaction to it though.

So Waller listened to Bats eh? Hmmm Batman again uses his brain :)

Powergirl is brutal....she kicked Steels butt:eek:

And finally omg Lex is Brainiac?!!! I didn't see THAT one coming:eek: :eek: :eek:

Youko Recca

Sep 5, 2003
Mahobora City
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That was great. The melee in the Watchtower was fantastic. You can't believe how badly I wanted to be up there fighting, opponents all over the place. Crazy good. And then the mayhem isn't for nothing, and freakin Brainiac man....damn. Galatea messed Steel and Supergirl up perfectly, you want pain, there it is. Great episode.


Apr 28, 2001
In my head.
One thing I didn't understand. If GL has seen on a hundred different worlds that a space-based weapon always destablized planetary politics, why the crap did he wait until just then to mention it?

Other than that, freakin' fantastic. Finally, a chaotic brawl done right.

"Batmobile? Lost a wheel. The Joker got away. ...That's what I heard."

Love it. :D


Believe it!
Mar 11, 2003
Wow.. So Braniac has been parading as Lex this whole time? I wonder if that means Lex is in captivity somewhere or if that's really Lex that Braniac is inhabiting.

And dang Power Girl got toasted.. It was nice to see the other members get a chance to shine as they threw down those Ultimen fakes. Atom Smasher, Star Girl, Wild Cat among others, it was very entertaining. Great episode.


Your shoelaces shall be mine.
Jul 8, 2004
Its about freakin' time that stupid lady sees the light. Plus Brainiac's appearance was COMPLETELY unexpected and COMPLETELY out of the blue. (Although that would explain Lex's strength and powers)

Am I imagining things? Or was Brainiac trying to re-create that super-android for himself? If Brainiac obtains that android's abilities, then the Justice League and the rest of the universe can just kiss their booties goodbye. (Speaking of Mr.Golden Android, where is he? He would have made an excellent addition to the league.)


Jan 9, 2005
In my own little corner
Wow. Never have I been so thankful for the absence of the rumor thread. I never in a million years saw this coming. Thank you, all involved in JLU, for blasting my synapses!


Crispy noodle in duck sauce?
Sep 18, 2002
Summerville, SC
Hehheh. The Flash line about Batman running late and Batman's reply to "the plan" cracked me up. Nice to have some humor during this ep.

The whole new league fight scene was pretty good I guess. Power Girl or Galatea really whooped some ass.:eek: Jesus. For her to be electrocuted and then defeated was kind of lame. I really hope we get to see her character again. She could really grow into something. The scene where she tells Hamilton her goodbyes and calls him daddy was a bit touching. Once again I hope she returns...

Lex you sly dog....all this time. However, Brainiac coming out of nowhere....uh...they better have a good explanation of this.:sweat:

4 stars only because Galatea was defeated too easily, the league fight could have been a bit better, and Brainiac appearing is something that better hold the plot well.

Dr Crocodile

Aug 8, 2003
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Since when is the Creeper part of the Justice League? On another note, Batman was awesome in this episode. Gotta say though the Lex=Brainiac twist was crazy (though I think someone mentioned they saw his symbol in a previous episode but it was still an OMGWTF moment). How many episodes are left in the season and where will it all go now?

5/5 stars.


Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Sep 8, 2004
So, I guess "Panic in the Sky" didn't live up to it's acronym (PITS), after all.

Man, that cliffhanger's gonna keep me up for... a week.

Loved Flash's "Batmobile" line, as well as his "Ta-da" at the end.

Divided we Fall out to be something special.


Aquarian of the Heavens
Feb 22, 2005
Alpharetta, GA
Great episode, but . . . .

They stole my idea. In a fanfic I had planned, I had Brainaic returning to Earth to get AMAZO's blueprints; after all, if there was ever an "idol" that Brainaic should have, it would be AMAZO. Oh well, I tip my hat to Bruce Timm. & Co., for you have executed a version of my story very well ;) .

Anyways, this episode was great. Not "Flashpoint" or "Question Authority" great, but great nonetheless. We finally see a whole lot more of the JLU in action (so glad to see Dr. Light again). Even got a brief appearance by Question and Huntress :D . However, a few things are bugging me . . . .

1) Where is the real Lex or is that Brainaic-thing really Lex?
2) How the crap does Brainaic expected to beat both Cadmus and the JLU on his one as suggested in "Divided We Fall"?

Other than that, great episode, more detailed review later . . . . .

Hockey Mask

Feb 23, 2005
Galatea grabbing Supergirl's hair and punching her was just brutal...

I bet I will like this episode more after repeated viewings. I need to get used to the direction the storyis headed. Not where I expected.

Temple Fugate

Active Member
Jan 15, 2004

"Ta-da!" Okay, ignoring the bogus ending for now...

The episode was about as great as last week's. Superman made the right decision to turn the League in, unfortunately that angle didn't get any attention because we were too busy watching the Ultimen get the biggest beating we've seen since...well, not too long ago when Superman fought Captain Marvel. That massive battle was simply spectacular, and almost worth the buildup. Almost. What really paid off was the Supergirl vs Galatea fight, which ended in an eerie twist as Supergirl zapped and possibly killed Galatea (dead bodies can twitch, mind you). Either way you look at it, she's toast for a long time.

Batman shared another nice scene with Waller, which was a proper throwback to "Doomsday Sanction." Waller's discovery of Lex's deeds prompted a believable turn of face.

SilverKnight said:
One thing I didn't understand. If GL has seen on a hundred different worlds that a space-based weapon always destablized planetary politics, why the crap did he wait until just then to mention it?
VERY good point.

HOWEVER. The ending. Okay, before I get to that, other things about this episode that might get ignored because everyone is so distracted by Brainthor/Luthiac. (I prefer Brainthor. It's cornier.) As I mentioned earlier, the League turning themselves into US custody was a strong plot point, and the scene where the general refuses to cuff the League was great. But after that...there was nothing. The fight scene at the 'Tower took too much away from this point. "Well, Temple Fugate, what do you suggest we have seen? The League sitting in the jail cell?" Yes! Perhaps they could have been told about the Watchtower, but Superman tells them all to stay calm and not try and break out of the prison to save their friends. I can definitely see Superman saying "No...they can handle it on their own." It could mirror Steel's admiration speech. Maybe Waller could have even shown up in person to get them out. Of course, we wouldn't be surprised to see them appear in Lexcorp. But then, how many surprises can one take before we just stop believing what we see?

Which brings me, at last, to the ending. Surprise after surprise after surprise. 1)Luthor: I'm building AMAZO LEX! 2)Waller says "I DON'T THINK SO!" 3)Oh, snap! She busted out the Big Seven! 4)Oh, super-snap! HE'S BRAINTHOR! All of these sudden occurences in such a short amount of time caused a little bit of resistance from me. I think the Brainthor thing could have been swallowed easier if it was the ONLY surprise in that scene. If the flow of the episode had been more "Okay, Waller got them out of jail. Oh boy, they're gonna get Lex! This is gonna be killer!" and built up more anticipation, perhaps the surprise wouldn't have seemed as out-of-left-field as it was.

But then again, I'm not qualified to be on the writing staff for a major animated series, so perhaps I'm just speaking out of my butt. :sweat: Anyway, still a good episode. It's always good to see a Leaguer I've never heard of get some dialogue.

Justice League Unlimited 2x11: "Panic in the Sky" (Part 3 of 4) - ****


to be continued...

Alpha Man

Raven in a Bikini? Brilliant!
Feb 6, 2005
Raven's Bedroom
Yes! That was quite an episode! It leaves many questions to be answered by the following episode, but I give it FIVE STARS! And you can't get any better than that.

I loved Batman's reluctance to turn himself in! Though I wish some of the other characters (like Hawgirl) would have said something. I thought Flash was being sarcastic there. Really, I was. He said, "Oh yeah. That makes sense." And I thought that was a joke. Then he votes in favor of the turning-in and I am thrown way off.

I also loved how Amanda Waller turned out to be a good guy... er... girl/gal/person. Uh. Yeah.

I never suspected Luthor was building another Amazo. And I was confused. If he has so much strength in his current body, why have a new one? Batman and Amanda were cool on how they tried to take down Luthor. Since Amanda Waller gooified it, what's Luthor gonna do now?

Oh yeah, "Luthor"? I knew it was Brainiac, and I recall making a comment that he might show up in the last ep discussion.


Most Dangerous
Jun 7, 2004
Smitty61050 said:
Forgive my ignorance, but who is Brainiac?
Spoilered to be safe.
He's an evil Krypton computer robot that wants to absorb all information and delete it. Fought Superman a couple of times and was owned.


Oct 19, 2002
Washington, DC
RE: Panic In the Sky

3.5 stars (out of 5)

A pretty decent episode. The action with the entirety of the JL beating down the Ultimen clones was sweet. Plus Batman telling the rest of the League that their plan was stupid was classic!

Nice that we got to see Red Tornado fend off the Wind Dragon Ultimen.

Nice that Captain Atom comes to save the day for The Question and Huntress.

And boy did Supergirl really give Tea the chair! I thought Tea was still inhibited from being super violent due to her psychic link with Supergirl? And boy did Steel take a beating...

And the JL cheering when the lights came on, and then the "Awww" when they went right off, man that was funny.


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