June, 2019--What Did You Buy This Month: Live-Action DVD/Blu-Ray/4K

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I'll Never Forget You Two!
Mar 16, 2002
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Here's what we have for this month:

Recent Theatrical Releases (Combo)

A Madea Family Funeral
Gloria Bell
The Haunting of Sharon Tate
J.T. LeRoy
The Kid
Captain Marvel (Combo & 4K)
The Beach Bum
Hotel Mumbai
Patrick Melrose
Us (Combo & 4K)
Disney's Dumbo (2019) (Combo & 4K)

Live-Action TV-on-DVD/Blu-Ray

Jack Ryan: Season 1 (DVD & Blu-Ray)
Lost In Space (2018): Season 1 (DVD & Blu-Ray)
I Am The Night: Complete Mini-Series (DVD & Blu-Ray)
Magnum P.I (2018): Season 1
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2
Orange Is The New Black: Season 6 (DVD & Blu-Ray)
Suits: Season 8
Will & Grace: The Revival--Season 2 (DVD & Blu-Ray)

New on Blu-Ray

Arabesque (1966)
Children of the Corn (1984)
Excess Baggage (1997)
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000)
How to Make an American Quilt (1995)
Johnny English: 3-Movie Collection
Jury Duty (1995)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)
Mr. Baseball (1992)
Opportunity Knocks (1990)
Shaft (2000)
Winning (1969)
Can't Stop The Music (1980)
The Entity (1982)
The Girl Most Likely To...(1973)
The Godfather Collection
Jeffrey (1995)
KIdnapped (1971)
Mean Girls (2004)
Piranha (1978)
Swing Time (1936)
They Might Be Giants (1971)
The Border (1982)
The Brink's Job (1978)
Corvette Summer (1978) (Warner Archive)
Mississippi Burning (1988)
Ordeal By Innocence (1984)
Fatso (1980)
Gaslight (1944) (Warner Archive)
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965)
Lost Highway (1997)
Night of the Creeps (1986)
The Tamarind Seed (1974)

New on 4K

Batman (1989)
Batman Returns (1992)
Batman Forever (1995)
Batman & Robin (1997)
The Natural (1994)
Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II
The Scorpion King (2002)
Disney's Cinderella (2015)

So, what's everyone gonna get this month?


Staff member
Apr 23, 2007
In the now, man
Ordered Disney's Classics 4-Pack DVD, which contains the following for $10:

Darby O'Gill and the Little People
The Happiest Millionaire
The Gnome Mobile
The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band

Darby O'Gill is a double-dip, but I can just as easily sell it off.


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