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Oct 13, 2016
July 2019 Nick Premieres. The Summer is officially upon us, and now for the good stuff, Premieres and more Premieres...

Henry Danger
Saturday, July 13th at 8PM - "Massage Chair" (#520)
Saturday, July 27th at 8PM - "Henry Danger: The Musical" (#521- #522) (Special) (No Commercials!!)

All That
Saturday, July 13th at 8:30PM - "1104" (#104)
Saturday, July 27th at 8:47PM - "1105" (#105) (Featuring the Henry Danger Cast!!!)

SpongeBob SquarePants
Saturday, July 6th at 11AM - "Senior Discount" (#251B)
Saturday, July 6th at 11:15AM - "Broken Alarm" (#250A)
Friday, July 12th at 7PM - "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout!!" (#893) (1 hour Special) (Simulcasting on Nicktoons and Teennick)
Saturday, July 27th at 11AM - "Gary's Got Legs" (#245A)
Saturday, July 27th at 11:15AM - "Gary & Spot" (#242B)

Double Dare
Monday, July 8th at 7:30PM - "SpongeBob Week Game 1" (#209)
Tuesday, July 9th at 7:30PM - "SpongeBob Week Game 2" (#210)
Wednesday, July 10th at 7:30PM - "SpongeBob Week Game 3" (#211)
Thursday, July 11th at 7:30PM - "SpongeBob Week Finals" (#212)

Hunter Street
Monday, July 22nd at 7:30PM - "The Birthday Gift" (#301) (Season Premiere)
Tuesday, July 23rd at 7:30PM - "Strange House" (#302)
Wednesday, July 24th at 7:30PM - "The Storm" (#303)
Thursday, July 25th at 7:30PM - "Jake's Curse" (#304)
Friday, July 26th at 7:30PM - "Lost in the Woods" (#305)
Monday, July 29th at 7:30PM - "Oliver" (#306)
Monday, July 29th at 8PM - "The Code" (#307)
Tuesday, July 30th at 7:30PM - "Remedies and Riddles" (#308)
Wednesday, July 31st at 7:30PM - "Curse or Cure?" (#309)

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
Monday, July 1st at 7PM - "Doctor" (#103)
Monday, July 8th at 7PM - "Marine Expert" (#106)
Monday, July 15th at 7PM - "Pilot" (#116)
Monday, July 22nd at 7PM - "Personal Trainer" (#120)
Monday, July 29th at 7PM - "Zookeeper" (#119)

Lego City Adventures
Saturday, July 6th at 11:30AM - "Race to the Top; Meet Harl Hubbs" (#103)
Saturday, July 27th at 11:30AM - "Doorman of the City; Fendrich In The Wild" (#104)

Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Saturday, July 6th at 9:30AM - "The Purple Game" (#120B)

44 Cats
Saturday, July 5th at 8AM - "Snobine, The Snobbish Cat; Four Cats and a Camel" (#110)
Saturday, July 13th at 8AM - "Detective Pilou; A Game for the Buffycats" (#111)
Saturday, July 20th at 8AM - "The Superhero Cat; Lampo at the Buffolympics" (#112)

The Loud House
Monday, July 15th at 11AM - "Washed Up" (#406A)
Tuesday, July 16th at 11AM - "Recipe for Disaster" (#406B)
Wednesday, July 17th at 11AM - "Present Tense" (#407A)
Thursday, July 18th at 11AM - "Any Given Sundae" (#407B)

Butterbeans Café
Monday, July 15th at 9AM - "Cricket's Tresure Hunt!" (#124A)
Tuesday, July 16th at 9AM - "The Puddlebrook GoldRush!" (#124B)
Wednesday, July 17th at 9AM - "The Missing Veggies!" (#126A)
Thursday, July 18th at 9AM - "Cricket the Flower Girl!" (#126B)
Monday, July 29th at 9AM - "The Hawaiian Luau!; Kitty Sitting!" (#127)
Tuesday, july 30th at 9AM - "The Takeout Window!; Poppy's Fortune!" (#129)
Wednesday, July 31st at 9AM - "Poppy's Cooking Class!; A Fairy Peachy Day!" (#131)

Abby Hatcher
Friday, July 5th at 9AM - "Fuzzly Camping Trip" (#118)

Corn & Peg
Friday, July 19th at 10AM - "Parade Problems; Do-Good Stand" (#116)

Paw Patrol
Friday, July 26th at 9AM - "Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Meet the Mighty Twins" (#612)

Ryan's Mystery Playdate
Friday, July 12th at 9AM - "Ryan's Handy Playdate; Ryan's Really Fast Playdate" (#111)
Friday, July 26th at 9:30AM - "Ryan's Rainy Day Playdate; Ryan's Dunking Playdate" (#110)

Dora the Explorer
Sunday, July 7th at 7PM - "Dora Saves Fairytale Land!" (#812 - #813)

Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks
Saturday, July 27th at 12PM - "Theodore's Calling; Clumsy Jeanette" (#402)

SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout - Friday, July 12th at 7PM - (1 hour Special) (Simulcasting on Nicktoons and Teennick)
Henry Danger: The Musical - Saturday, July 27th at 8PM - (1 hour Special)

Special AD's
Camp Nick
All Summer in the Ad's From Monday, June 10th between 11AM - 7PM.

Movie Premieres
Tooth Fairy (2010) - Wednesday, July 3rd at 8PM - 10:30PM
How To Train Your Dragon (2010) -Monday, July 8th 4:30PM - 7PM

Nick on Netflix
Pinky Malinky
Wednesday, July 17th at 3:01AM - "Part 3"

Hunter Street
Monday, July 29th at 7:30PM - "The Birthday Gift" (#301) (Season Premiere)
Tuesday, July 30th at 7:30PM - "Strange House" (#302)
Wednesday, July 31st at 7:30PM - "The Storm" (#303)

Friday, July 5th at 8:30PM - "The Boogie Man" (#117A)
Friday, July 19th at 8:30PM - "The Souper Monster" (#117B)
Friday, July 26th at 8:30PM - "The Winky" (#119A)

Nick Jr
Nella The Princess Knight
Sunday, July 21st at 9:30AM - "Just another Manic Mud Day; Best Friends Forever" (#209)

Rusty Rivets
Saturday, July 13th at 9:30AM - "Rusty's Tiny Adventure; Rusty's Warm Winter Games" (#302)
Saturday, July 27th at 10AM - "Rusty's Raptor Race; Rusty's Triceratops" (#303)

Shimmer & Shine
Sunday, July 14th at 9:30AM - "Buddies in a Bottle; The Gem Hunt" (#410)

Thomas & Friends
Saturday, July 6th at 9:30AM - "Laid Back Shane; Chucklesome Trucks" (#304)
Saturday, July 20th at 9:30AM - "Wish You Were Here; Desiel Glows Away" (#305)

Sunny Day
Sunday, July 28th at 9:30AM - "Doodle the Boss" (#201)

Dora The Explorer
Sunday, July 7th at 7PM - "Dora Saves Fairytale Land!" (#812 - #813)
Sunday, July 14th at 9AM - "Dora's Night Light Adventure" (#820)
Sunday, July 21st at 9AM - "Dora's Fairy Godmother Adventure" (#818)
Sunday, July 28th at 9AM - "Dora's Animalito Adventure" (#819)

Wednesday, July 10th at 10PM - "Inside a Glob" (#604)
Wednesday, July 17th at 10PM - "Stiff Competition" (#605)
Wednesday, July 24th at 10PM - "Merger, She Wrote" (#606)
Wednesday, July 31st at 10PM - "Friends With Benefits" (#607)

Nick on YouTube
Monday, July 1st - "Behind the Lyrics! ft. Jojo Siwa, SpongeBob, & The Loud House"
Monday, July 15th - "Ally Brooke Performs 'Lips Don’t Lie' on All That!"
Monday, July 29th - "Sing Along With Jace Norman to The Bro Song!"

Tuesday, July 2nd - "4th of July Guide, The Loud House"
Tuesday, July 9th - "A HENRY DANGER MUSICAL?! 9 Things You Need to Know!"
Tuesday, July 23rd - "Life Hack Lessons & Lessons! w/ SpongeBob & The Loud House"
Tuesday, July 30th - "Henry Danger: The Musical Lyrics Quiz Round 1!"

Wednesday, July 3rd - "Theme Song Karaoke Sing Along! ft. All That, SpongeBob, The Loud House & More!"
Wednesday, July 10th - "Luna & Sam’s Love Story! ❤ The Loud House"
Wednesday, July 17th - "The SpongeBob 20th Anniversary Quiz!"

Thursday, July 4th - "The Adventures of SpongeBob & TMNT"
Saturday, July 6th - "Happy Birthday, SpongeBob! Jonas Brothers, Jace Norman & More CELEBrate!"
Thursday, July 18th - "Expectations vs. Reality: Summer Edition! ️"

Friday, July 5th - "All That's BEST New Characters! :)"
Friday, July 12th - "Kid Danger Gets Slapped, Then Gets a Massage Henry Danger"
Friday, July 19th - "The Casagrandes BEST Pranks & Funniest Moments! "
Friday, July 26th - "Funniest Moments from Recent Premieres! ftl. SpongeBob, All That & MORE!"

Saturday, July 6th - "This or That: Mix It Up! Ft. Dallas, Scarlet & Micah"
Saturday, July 27th - "Best of Annie, Hayley & Jayden & Bartels Bloopers"

Saturday, July 6th - "JoJo Siwa’s Challenge Showdown, Sound Check & More! " (Ep.3)

Saturday, July 13th - "JoJo Siwa Crashes The Belles' Sound Check!" (Ep.4)
Saturday, July 20th - "JoJo Siwa Shows Us Her Tour Bus " (Ep.5)
Saturday, July 27th - "JoJo Siwa Plays 7 Second Challenges & More" (Ep.6)
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Jul 27, 2018
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EDIT: SpongeBob Week Game 1 is actually already listed on Zap2it, appears to be airing on July 8 or 9, 2019. (Not entirely sure yet because Zap2it has had problems with displaying the correct airdates)

I know we were already pretty sure it would air in July due to SpongeBob's anniversary, but Marc now official states (in the comments of this post) that Double Dare SpongeBob Week is indeed coming next month.

"We have Sponge Bob Week coming in July on Nick. Plus a new group of shows for Halloween and Christmas. Some really fun stuff. Hope you watch!"

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Sep 9, 2013

Toons Fan

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May 10, 2005
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No it's not. I checked zap2it schedule grid, new Rusty Rivets has been pulled, and thefutoncritic updated. Check the zap2it if you don't believe me. I also mentioned new Rusty Rivets pulled in NickJr discussion thread as well
It wouldn't surprise me if Nick Jr. never shows season 3 than.

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Sep 9, 2013
It wouldn't surprise me if Nick Jr. never shows season 3 than.

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Season 3 is still scheduled to air next month, just not starting with "Rusty's Dino Island" episode


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Sep 9, 2013
Nick Jr. can still can pull the new episodes from next month like they just did during this month. You know that right?

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I'm sorry but this is not the right time to argue about it. We'll have to wait and see if it indeed will pull, but they are NOT going to, whether you agree or not


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Sep 9, 2013
Toons Fan, you are right all that time... I'm so sorry for not believing you. But looking at zap2it, and your attached titanstv does not have new Rusty Rivets scheduled at 9:30AM on Sat Jul 13. But tvpassport did say new Rusty Rivets, but I think that site hasn't yet been updated.

So, @I Am Nickelodeon 1 maybe you can cross out Jul 13 of Rusty Rivets because zap2it does not list those. I have doubt if it still remains on Jul 27..

Toons Fan

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May 10, 2005
Niagara Falls, NY
@I Am Nickelodeon 1 There's a new 44 Cats airing next Saturday "Snobine, The Snobbish Cat/Four Cats and a Camel" (#110)

"Dora Saves Fairytale Land" is new this Sunday night on Nick and Nick Jr. channel at the time. You forgot to add it.

There's also a new Dora episode airing on Sunday, July 14 at 9AM on the Nick Jr. channel only.‬

‪"Dora's Night Light Adventure"‬

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