JLU too finally air on Toonami UK


Jan 18, 2005
Hamilton, Scotland
found this on a press release.

"With today’s kids demanding more and more from their superheroes, Toonami is set to make their dream come true with a show featuring over fifty superhero idols and an impressive collection of superpowers.

From Superman and Batman to Elongated Man and Mr. Terrific, a whole array of weird and wonderful heroes join forces in Justice League Unlimited, a brand new show premiering on Toonami this June.

An elite team including Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman formed the Justice League two years ago to protect Earth from any threat deemed too great for a single hero to tackle. But even an all-star intergalactic superhero squad needs help sometimes and they have called in more super powered friends to join the ranks.

It seems Superman and pals flicked through the phone book and called everyone in their personal organisers as an A to Z of comic book superheroes comes to their aid in the new series – fifty-five of the most famous heroes in the Universe – from Aquaman, the hook-handed hero who rules Atlantis, to ass-kicking magician babe Zatanna, who once dated Bruce Wayne.

Joining them are Superman’s feisty young cousin Supergirl, plus Green Arrow, the Atom, Black Canary, Crimson Avenger, Huntress, Johnny Thunder & His Magic Thunderbolt, Red Tornado, Star-Spangled Kid, Vixen, The Question, Mister Miracle, Big Barda and many more superheroes - some well known, some obscure and some downright bizarre.

Meeting at an orbiting space station known as The Watchtower, our heroes, who are used to getting all the action and glory for themselves, must learn to set aside their personal differences and work together.

Familiar faces who are out to cause all kinds of trouble for the interstellar super team include Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor, nasty zombie Solomon Grundy and evil alien warrior Mongul.

These bad guys better get ready for the big league this June as the Justice League Unlimited sets its sights on them, every Monday and Thursday at 5.30pm from Monday 6th June, only on Toonami.

Justice League Unlimited

With the world in danger from alien invaders, powerful sorcerers, vast shadowy conspiracies and unearthly villains from an ancient era, all determined to take control of Earth, it is time to summon the all-new Justice League Unlimited.

The series comprises twenty-six 30-minute episodes, premiering from Monday 6th June until September. "

September before it finishes...dont know if i can wait that long. but YEA FINALLY, its gonna air woooooo :D


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Feb 4, 2002
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It's been on the schedule for a while now, but for some reason they haven't yet aired any promos for it like they usually do with new shows.

It also looks like they have changed their usual a-new-episode-every-day policy and will only be airing new episodes twice a week, Monday and Thursday, I think it is, so that's probably how they plan to stretch it until September.


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