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Nov 10, 2015
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Those character designs aren't half bad! And it's nice to see they're not forgetting some of the lesser-known characters in the H-B stable. Sound design wise, I hope whatever post service utilized (probably Advantage Audio) make extensive use of the H-B library. The effects they created for The Fairly OddParents just wouldn't fit (imagine hearing that little magical pop sound heard oh-so-frequently there in this!).


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Jun 9, 2002
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Not really digging the overtly modernized designs. The new Looney Tunes designs strike the perfect balance of being modern while still respectful to the originals. This just feels like a run-of-the-mill Cartoon Network original.

I would have liked to have seem something more akin to the Quicken Loans ad.

Not digging the designs, either. Seems Mr. Greenblatt and the animators should look back at the push-back at Be Cool, Scooby-Doo, since some of the designs, such as Magilla & Cavey, for example, look like more of the same.


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Butch Hartman is hinting again that 'Danny Phantom' might come back.
Does anyone find it a bit strange that Misty Lee has co-written 2 Scooby Doo productions (the Abracadabra Doo movie and the Spooky Scarecrow) and yet she's never done any voice acting in Scooby Doo? The former is especially strange since it's about stage magic, and she's also known for being a talented stage magician. On a related note, she should definitely voice Zatanna sometime in the future. It's easy casting.
And the winner is "The Grim Adventures Of The KND" which got 3 votes. "Modern Primitives" got nothing. The next matchup is between "Sky Pirates In The Sky" and "Quack Pack" .

Who is the most yellow-est fella that lives under the sea? Today SpongeBob and his VA Tom Kenny are celebrating Birthday! What a coincidence!
And yes, SpongeBob was born on July 14,1986, exactly 34 years ago!
This week, Universal Kids will be celebrating the nationwide launch of parent company NBCUniversal's new streaming service - Peacock - by airing a 24-hour marathon of the now-Peacock Original: Where's Waldo? Plus a themed weekend marathon of different shows they've aired in the past and present.