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Jun 17, 2015
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Anyone familiar with this guy right here? He was the mastermind behind a little song that went on to become a Graphic novel called "Monkey vs Robot".

You might've heard this song before on the ending credits of Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Return of Cooler.


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♪ It's Craig of the Creek, he's gonna say duuuuuh ♫
Keinichi Hamada (or whatever his name is spelled) from NHK World sounds like a Japanese equivalent of that guy from the Kingdouble Ceramic Knives infomercial
All right! Profile posts are back! Now what was I talking about?
Alright, @RandomMe. I'll bite. What's DC PT?
It's a shame that while you Americans keep age-old televised Halloween traditions, here in Portugal they have since been abnegated (I'm talking to you, DC PT).