J.o.a.T. Volume 7 (R)

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Youko Recca

Sep 5, 2003
Mahobora City
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Chapter One-Thirty-Nine: Hell on Earth

"Remember. Nothing. I want nothing but hell on Earth......"

Late into the winter night.

Sounds of shattering glass awakens a sleeping homeless man on the side of Mahobora's grimy street. He falls on his right side and peers over the curb down the road to notice rustling sounds and things being thrown from out the now broken window of a clothing store.

Half sleep he's not sure what to make of Azazel as he walks from out dawned in newly acquired clothes. A red man snarling with a sinister glimmer to his sharp teeth, hair standing stiff.

On his feet he wore tight black boots zipped up and tied from the sides. His leather pants sagging slightly, chain hanging loose off the right pocket. Barely covering his bare red chest was a thin blue denim vest with white fur riding along the neck.

"I can dig it.....", Azazel spouts cocky while placing a pair of dark shades over his eyes.

He looks over to the homeless man down the street.

"Still as dirty as ever.", he scoffs and raises his hand towards the man.

Suddenly the man becomes slouched, his eyes droopy.

"Don't you feel as though your life is worthless? Hasn't it been long enough? You owe it to yourself to find peace......Now......Take that glass shard and kill yourself."

After Azazel speaks towards the man, he crawls over to where one of the pieces of broken glass had landed. He takes the glass and immediately and roughly slits his throat, falling over and bleeding out.

Azazel laughs hysterically while walking away into the night, "Hahahahahahahahaha! Humans are such weak-minded creatures. NOW! Let's go see what this guy is all about."

"Max, I think we got them all now man...."

Trent stands with his comrades in the center of a darkened room within the compound of project housing deep downtown.

All four sans Noc were dressed with a crucifix around their necks and wooden spikes attached to them in holders.

Soda looks around in wonder, "This is crazy. Damn."

Max shakes his head while dusting off his hands, "Yeah tell me about it. I haven't seen this many vampires in Mahobora in a long while. Ten in this compound alone. Strange."

Noc resizes Nyoibou to pocket accessible and ponders with the rest of them, "None of them talked either. We vampires are resilient but this is cult-like. Their loyalty to their maker makes me a bit uneasy."

Mizu is wiping blood off her blades looking at the rest of them, a small scratch on her chin.

"You think this gonna get worse guys?", asks Trent cracking his knuckles.

"Knowing our track record, no doubt. Let's go home.", Max leads them out the room.

Piles of ash laying in various locations.

Two tall and pale men stand in similar formation infront of a dimly-lit building, both dressed darkly in trench coats.

Azazel approaches the two men, both who are twice his height. And he being six feet himself, they definitely were not normal.

"I KNOW you two play basketball, hahahaha! Where's Farnese at?"

"Who is asking?", they both say in union.

The demon looks at them with a smirk, "Vampires, huh? Haven't killed your kind in awhile. Care to be my relapse?"
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Youko Recca

Sep 5, 2003
Mahobora City
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"That will not be necessary Azazel."

Azazel turns to the sound of a foreign voice walking from out the shadows of the night.

"Welcome back sir.", the two vampires once again speak in harmony.

The man walking up is slightly shorter than Azazel, dressed similar to the two large body guards. His skin pale white, bleach blond hair slicked back with minor black streaks patterned in. Medium build, his crimson eyes meets with Azazel.

"Just who are you? I was sent to this location by Jack Farnese. Said I'll be meeting our partner in crime here or whatever.", the demon yawns and rubs the back of his head. His posture was always in an incredibly nonchalant positioning.

"I am Erebus Alsop. Chancellor to Dracula's Europe branch."

Stopping for a moment, Azazel suddenly begins laughing. The action surprises the three vampires, as they watch his body bob in glee they are stunned.

"May I ask what is so-"

"Dracula?!", Azazel interrupts through his laughter.

"Yes?", Erebus asks unsure.

"That guy hasn't been dusted YET?! How many centuries he got on him? Damn. I used to enjoy those wars him and what's-his-face would have. Seeing werewolves and vampires tear each other apart was highly amusing. No human television can duplicate THAT! HA!"

Erebus looks on puzzled, "If I may. I was sent on Dracula's behalf, for he has not reached Mahobora yet. Our forces have slowly been migrating to this city for when it comes time for the eternal night."

This suddenly spikes Azazel's interest and he becomes a tad more concerned, "Did you say eternal night lad? You're Greek right? Well, whatever you call your allies."

"Yes, and yes. For I am the second strongest of the seven Dracula chancellors he thought it best to send me and my personal guards to speak with you as a courtesy. We have been planning this far longer than you imagine. Your resurrection was not originally part of the plan, but there is no reason your inclusion should not be a plus."

"Seven Dracula chancellors? Don't tell me that blood suckling fag placed each of you on a continent? No offense...."

The bodyguards are clearly upset over Azazel's casual manner on speaking down to Dracula.

Erebus shows his fangs, "Please refrain from such disrespect. I will not have it!"

Azazel smirks, "Yeah, whatever. Can't say I'm against the eternal night thing if it's what I really think it is."

"It is. The sun's UV rays will be blanketed and allow creatures of the night to relish as they please. Currently we have a spell being cast even as we speak. Give it a day or two and no more sun. It will initially start with this terrible city, then slowly work it's way over earth as time dwindles on."

"So fang boy plans on making Mahobora his new base of operations I see. Cool beans, when can I expect the little guy?"

Once again visibly upset, erebus walks past Azazel and towards the building.

"Well it was my understanding Azazel, you were supposed to do a certain something before we spoke any further...."

"Oh that? Yeah it's handled. Jumping dimensions was never a problem for me. All those peons went down before they knew what hit them. Strange place too, cause none of them seemed to realize they were all ready dead."

"What about Jack?"

"What about him?"

"His ultimate agenda. My lord thinks he is a bit too charitable in his helping of us."

"Shit, you guys probably know more than me. Guy wakes me up and sets me up with you and says 'Go get'em tiger!'. He's a strange one himself...."

They all begin walking into the building.

Five bodies appear in the white lobby. Unit 0041 returns to the clubhouse, busted and bruised and wary of their usual stamina.

Immediately Max's nose sniffs harder than normal.

"Something isn't right here....."

Soda and Noc nod in agreement as the three of them put on serious faces to Trent and Mizu.

Noc looks around the lobby and it looks normal, "Everything seems normal."

"Yeah, but it's DEFINITELY not!", Soda expresses as they begin walking towards the door leading into the stairwell.

Max places his hand on the doorknob and gets shivers, his whole body they can see shake and reaffirm into place like the canine he is.

As Max opens the door and walks into the stairwell, the sound of random banging and faint electric sparks are heard. They all smell blood, even Trent.

Max's eyes gaze up the stairwell and he can spot the physical bodies of the staff torn to shreds scattered all around.

All five of them gasp as they begin slowly walking up and past the carnage. Not even having entered a single hallway, and in a way not even wanting to. The stench of the remnants of this massacre they were witnessing gripped their stomachs and tied it into a knot that made them so sick they wanted to hurl at any moment. What really made this painful to them was how impossible and unexpected it really is.

They finally stop on the hall that leads into their main quarters.

Max slowly opens the door, and the moment he opens it he finally falls to his knees and vomits over the flowing blood of his past comrades.

Soda runs past him into the middle of this once beautiful and brightly lit hall turned into something reminiscent of a one-sided war.

The five of them feel agony, an anguish deep in their hearts that breaks their spirit and causes them all to lose balance and begin engaging in separate fits of rage.

Azazel and Erebus sit across from each other at a steel table.

"That's it huh? Not too shabby, you guys really did plan pretty good.", Azazel does a single clap and leans back in his seat. His tail scratches his shoulder and settles down.

"Give us one month and the world is ours...."

Still very much into the night, a bar is winding down in a small town not too far from where Whisper City is.

All that resides left are various small groups of drunks socializing.

Outside a frail seeming man dressed in an over sized black cloak with the collar cover up to the lower half of his face steps just in front the door. White bandages thinly wrapped over him under the robe, he wears thick glasses with a yellow set of lenses that do not reveal his eyes and a black and yellow kangol hair mushed over short brown hair. Earrings with half moon designs hang out both his ears. The cloak is so over sized his majority of his body is covered and unseen.

He easily pushed open the door and walks in, settling himself far away from the crowds and calling the bartender over.

"No more drinks partner.", states the bartender.

"Not askin'. Water will do just fine.", he replies in a voice so nasally it's disgusting.

As the bartender walks to get his drink, his head slightly leans left but nothing noticeable.

He focuses on the ongoings of one group.

"Yeah man! No lie! I swear I saw it!"
"You're lying! Just another ghost story!"
"But I swear I saw it! I work graveyard on the weekends!"
"So there's a mystical train on it's way here and nothing it hits is getting damaged?! Gimme a break dude! And it's floating in the sky?! Hahahahaha!"
"Aw, shut up ass......Damn.....Drive me home, I'm drunk...."
"I'm drunk too dumbass....Let's call a cab...."

As he hears their banter, he stands and walks towards them.

They both look over as he approaches.

"Excuse me.", he introduces to the men. "My name is Winston. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation and I must say it has grabbed my interest....."

"We're going to kill them, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE!!"

Max punches another hole in the wall down a long line of holes.

They are in their main quarters, still dumbstruck and hurt at the loss of the entire staff.

Mizu is even saddened, "Such cruelty....."

Noc is crying blood as he looks onward, "Did they really....Did they really have to make them aware of their physical bodies and kill them? That bastard....."

Soda is trembling he is so angry, "We need to call Jack NOW!"

Max stands up in agreement, "Whoever fucking did this is a dead man...."

Azazel smirks as he shares a drink with Erebus.

Youko Recca

Sep 5, 2003
Mahobora City
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Chapter One-Forty: Paradise Lost

It had been a mere hour since Unit 0041 was found to be in ruins. The five core members are sitting lost in their main chambers, not even bothering to close the vault door. Contact with other units was impossible at the moment, they found that the only positive left was that the clubhouse hadn't been revealed to the public world.

"What are we going to do Max? Where do we even begin?", Trent sits halfway off their perfectly fine couch. Inside their chambers a drastic contrast to the realities just outside the door.

Max is stand with his arms crossed just staring into the blank wall.

"I have no idea. I don't even know who to trust anymore. What units are good, and which are bogus under the control of a leader I always had doubts about but atleast favored for his mission statement. Turns out he is the reason we're all here in the first place. Damnit.....Maybe if I questioned this ridiculous organization none of these innocent workers--shit, none of our friends would be dead......"

Noc shakes his head, twirling Nyoibou in hand.

"You can't blame yourself Max. Whoever, or whatever, did this.....They caught us by surprise. But you may be onto something. Someone from INSIDE Jack of all Trades had to have had some kind of part in this. But even from what you tell me of Jack himself, exterminating a staff you helped create makes absolutely zero sense."

"It only does now because we are unsure of motive....", states Mizu.

"That is true....", Noc responds.

Soda blows at the barrel of Mongoose and stands up, "I say we start busting heads. Let's go to each unit one by one and-"


A low and ominous voice echoes through their clubhouse, the tone is so monotone and slow it seems as though it takes forever for the word to register within their minds. Before they know it, all five of them fall in their positions, passing out and lying motionless.

The sun was taking longer than usual to rise. Just over a large plain of grass a child and his parents sit infront of their home, tradition to watch the sunrise.

"Papa, why is the sun not coming?"

"It will my son. It is just taking a little longer than usual, but, see, there it goes!"

The mother smiles faintly and the three of them watch as a light begins appearing over the horizon.

"Hmm, strange.....It's rising in an odd direction...", the mother remarks.

The father stands and looks on in sudden shock, "That isn't the sun!"

"Then what is it papa?", asks the child innocently.

High in the sky they watch as a golden glowing train speeds quietly over their home and takes off into the distance. The length of two football fields.

"This is fun and all but if I don't kill something soon I'm going to lose my freakin' MIND!"

Azazel paces impatiently back and forth within their hindout, Erebus and his guards watching unamused.

"Azazel, good things come to those who wait my friend."

"Good things come to those who wait?! Ha, bro I have been locked away in a hell dimension longer than you've been a bloodsucker most likely! At this point a week-long blow job would not suffice by your logic! Or lack of it anyway....."

Erebus rubs his temples, "What do you suppose we do then? Terrorize this pathetic city and it's inhabitants and draw attention?"

"I want a good fight. How about I go kill the rest of those clowns back that that weird dimension? There weren't any vampires, chimeras, or atlantians when I got there.....Hahahaha! Shit, maybe they back now!"

"While I know nothing entirely of your business there, I was told not to let you from my sight until my lord arrived. Alas, if it is a fight you wish....I have heard tales of many outlandish happenings in the next city. Whisper City I believe it is called. Over a year ago I believe an atomic bomb or something of the like exploded there, it has yet to recover."

"Hmm....SOUNDS more interesting than this horrible piece of shit city. One question though."


"Am I allowed to kill any vampires according to our partnership?"

Erebus once again takes on a disgusted look.

Azazel notices this and smirks, "By the look on your pale, almost anorexic lokking face I suppose that's a no, huh? Oh well, plenty of shit to kill."

"We will reside there for an hour and return. I will not disappoint my lord."

"Yikes....You guys really sounding like some homos, you know that?"

The four begin walking towards the door.

Max's golden eyes open right back in the main chambers.

He stands and looks as his comrades are looking around confused.

Soda looks to Max and helps him up completely, 'What the hell happened?"

Before they can discuss, the same voice appears to them again.

"Maximus! Soda! Mizu! Trent! Nathaniel!"

All them look around to the sound of the voice.

Max then perks his ears and sighs, "Is this the Sandman?"

"You would be correct."

The others stand back and let Max do the speaking, given his prior experience with the keeper of sleep and time.

"Jesus man.....What's with you suddenly barging in like this? Do you know something?!"

"I know of many dealings with the other units. I apologize for your loss Max. However, you have no time to grieve."

"You're right. Whoever did this is going to die a very painful death, I'll make sure of it!"

"Good to hear. I cannot physically help you, so use this information wisely. it is to my understanding you had a run-in with a prophecy some time ago. One around the time that rampaging hybrid was causing chaos."

"Ugh, you mean Benjamin Havok I suppose. Yeah, I remember that. Sadly Gale lost Lathatius on that mission...."

"In vein. It would seem."

They all look on shocked at nothing in particular.

Max shakes his head, " What do you mean?!"

"The prophecy has come true. Azazel the demon walks this realm once again. Older than even I......"

"But--But.....We stopped the prophecy! Lathius was gone befor ehe could be used!"

"A loophole must have been found. Azazel is the one you should seek now. I believe he is still in Mahobora, but sadly that is all I know. I apologize."

Taking this in, stacked upon their all ready depressed situation, unit 0041 focus their anger at this name.

Soda clenches his fists so tight they begin lightly bleeding.

Damnit! So.....I.......I killed Lathatius for NOTHING!

Max sighs once again and waves towards the sky, "Thanks, I owe you another one my friend. Watch your back."

"No. You watch yours my friend. Nothing is ever as it seems. Now."

They all look towards each other as the Sandman utters them out of his world.


Awaking in deep gasps, all five of them burst their eyes open and slowly begin rising.

As Azazel, Erebus, and his two guards begin exiting, they all suddenly stop.

"You notice that too, huh?", states Azazel as they slowly begin backing up.

Youko Recca

Sep 5, 2003
Mahobora City
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Erebus makes a notion with his left hand discreetly and it signals his guards to suddenly leap forward into the night, they took off in much haste towards the road.

Azazel smirks, "How many?"

"Atleast two that I can tell.", Erebus replies.

The two guards come onto a set of trees and immediately rip them apart.

"Seems as though they are of professional nature. But.....", Erebus steps a bit more inside and then suddenly leaps through the ceiling, appearing back outside onto the roof. He lands on his feet and looks around, the air had hastened like a slight breeze had came through.

Azazel jumps through the hole he made, "Ha! She's a quick one."

"She? How can you tell the sex just yet?", Erebus questions while looking over the ledge.

"Oh....believe me, it's a she. Human scents are so easy to pinpoint. Odd though.....How can a human be this evasive? Must be some new technology these meatbags have created.

"And what about the other one?"

"They don't have a particular scent....Or maybe they aren't close enough yet. Hmm, this is odd. I see now why you picked this spot. No way anyone can surprise you. You can't come close enough from any angle without being spotted, yet.....Someone this woman and her comrade are doing it pretty well."

The two guards begin walking back towards the building.

Azazel suddenly puts on a stern face as something suddenly comes flying through the air and pierces one of the guards through their chest from behind.

The guard lets out a blood-curdling screams as his skin begins bursting into puss and blood. As his bones become entirely visible he suddenly becomes a burst of dust and flies away with the breeze.

"Haha, holy ****!", remarks Azazel returning to his usual lackadaisical stature.

Erebus leaps down immediately and as he is running in the direction, his other guard suddenly is punctured in his chest and dies in the same fashion.

"What in the world?!!!", he takes guard and looks around.

Far off into the distance, a figure stands next to another watching on. They were a good two miles from where Erebus stood.

"As good a shot as always Alfred.", a raspy yet sultry and mellow female voice speaks.

"Thank you mam, you haven't lost a step yourself.", replies the more huff and bigger of the two.

Alfred was completely covered in black clothing, laying down next to the female holding a rifle that stretched out as long as his lanky body.

She was a beauty. Beyond that of a earthly model, her honey blond hair was full and warm. It was kept in a ponytail in the back and two thin bangs coming just down the sides of her precious face. Eyes a glossy hazelnut that even shown eager through the night. Skin fair and tanned, a beauty mark just over her lip. Two crescent moon earrings hang from her tiny ears, her lips were perfectly full and pink. Her frame was perfect, petite, and covered in a thick purple cloak. On this cloak was the image on a blinking eyes right in the middle. Her firm legs covered in black spandex, with black slip-ons as her shoe of choice.

"I'm going to go for the kill on Azazel. You kill Erebus."

"Yes mam."

She takes a deep breath.

Azazel jumps down to the ground, "She's coming back....."

Erebus looks on as they notice the wind picking up once again in that one particular direction.

"Speed is her weapon, is it not?", remarks Erebus.

"Oh I'd definitely say so, she's almost here!"

"Azazel. Erebus Alsop. By the responsibility lain before me, it is my duty to see to it you meet death on this night. Do you accept this, or do you hold contempt to it?"

Standing behind them suddenly is the beautiful woman with the large cloak covering her body.

Azazel and Erebus turn around.

"Whoa! Look at you! What a catch!", comments the cocky demon.

Erebus scoffs, "Who do you think you are? Your speed won't be enough you cheap slut. Are you responsible for the death of my men?"

"That I am. And you will soon follow.", she replies coldly. She stares at them as though they are below her. Also in a way to where it is obvious she can't wait to kill them.

Erebus suddenly flinches, and the same wooden bullet stake that killed his men misses him and lands directly into the ground.

"Simpleton! Do you think the chancellor of Europe will succumb to such foolish methods?!"

He charges at her, "Stupid bitch!"

His speed is highly commendable, as he is up to her in no time. Immediately he punches at her gut. His punch at first seems to connect but then appears to phaze right through her body. Then her body suddenly vanishes.

"What is this magic?!", he growls.

Azazel laughs, "Yo! Behind you!"

Erebus turns just in time to block her right leg coming for his face. She retracts and then appears to kick again, but it feels strange and he doesn't want to take a chance. He lunges back barely dodging another one of those bullets and grits his teeth in anger.

Looking to her, he notices how whenever she moves the wind picks up higher.

"She must have in reality kicked me three times. But it was so fast it felt like one. So is her game speed or magic? What is this human doing with such skill? To take ME on as equal....."

Azazel claps tauntingly, "So you want me to kill her for you batty----boy!! Hahahaha!"

"I grow weary of your childish jokes demon! You wanted a kill so bad, go kill that other nuisance!"

"Hmm, sounds good....", Azazel suddenly leaps far off into the distance at ease and begins hunting for Alfred.

"NOW! Who are you bitch?!"

She looks at Azazel leap in the distance and then back to Erebus.

"I am Sophia. Sophia Winks. Leader of the Forty Winks. In other words, I am your death personified...."

Youko Recca

Sep 5, 2003
Mahobora City
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Azazel is jolly in his leaps, dodging every wooden bullet from Alfred with much ease as he draws closer and closer.

"This is a joke!", exclaims Alfred as he stands. Once on his feet, his rifle detaches from his arm and takes into the ground, appearing more wooden as it does.

"Night, night!", shouts Azazel as he is flying down towards Alfred with a monstrous right hook.

"Correct demon!", replies Alfred.

Just as his punch is to land, a vine burst from the ground to impale him. He spins to avoid and lands on all fours, leaping backwards with a flip and then landing on his feet.

The vine slowly creeps back into the ground and Alfred stands ready.

Azazel licks his lips, "My-my, how interesting. No wonder I couldn't pick you up. You're one with nature, aren't you now....."

"In a manner of speaking."

Right from under Azazel a wooden stake shoots up and narrowly misses his cheek.

Alfred runs up and tries to punch him, but Azazel catches the punch.

He grasps his fist nonchalantly, "That was so obvious man. Nowhere near as quick as I know you can sprout this cabbage path crap."

Immediately a whole gang of vines sprout underneath them and attain possession of Azazel in a vicegrip.

"Cocky demon.....I've killed many of your kind over my many years."

Still smirking, Azazel is fully wrapped by the vines.

"Is that so? Somehow I doubt that."

Azazel motions his left hand in a pushing motion towards Alfred.

"Now.....Doesn't it feel WRONG to try and kill me? Shouldn't you let me go?"

The vines' grip begins to suddenly slip, and Azazel uses this moment to completely rip apart the vines and free himself.

Alfred stands in a perplexed daze. "What. What is this?!"

Smiling, Azazel shrugs.

"I am the original demon. The death I grant you, mortal,......will inflict pain even in death. And believe me, I plan to make your death particularly painful all ready....."

Youko Recca

Sep 5, 2003
Mahobora City
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Winston has walked from the outskirts of Whisper City, now on towards the road leading into Mahobora. Behind him is an overview of a heavily mutilated city a mere shell of it's former self. Half of it was a straight up wasteland.

Through his yellow lenses Winston rises his head to the sky.

"Funny....The sun should have been out by now."

Dropping down from his large sleeve comes out a cellphone. Opening it, he immediately dials a number and places it just above the rim of his cloak.

"This is Winston checking in. I think I may have located the exact location of our target."

Back in the clubhouse, the others are still contemplating their next move.

Max looks at the time, "Damn, the sun should be up now."

He walks outside their chambers and yawns, and as he does so, he suddenly picks up a faint scent. It partially stings his nostrils.

The others notice him freeze up from inside the inside of the chambers.

"What's up Max?", asks Soda.

Max's head moves side to side, his nose sniffing as hard as he can.

"Damnit! How in the world did I not notice this!?", Max laments. He suddenly takes off running down the hall. The others rise and follow him in a hurry.

Alfred barely dodges a punch from Azazel and leans forward with the back of his boot rising overhead and striking the demon dead on in his face.

Azazel takes one step back, Alfred has more vines burst up and restrain Azazel's ankles as he comes over and begins delivering vicious left and right hooks on him.

He ***** his right fist way back and punches him the hardest just as he releases the vines grip. Azazel stumbles back while laughing.

"You find your ass-beating funny demon?"

"Hahahahahahaha! Is that what you simpletons are considering beatings nowadays? Pathetic."

Azazel's cocky demeanor and mannerisms were angering Alfred, not to mention he was hitting him as hard as he could and he did not seem to be damaged. He knew he would have to rely completely on his abilities pertaining to this one.

"Okay then. Watch as your mouth begets you a harsher death.", Alfred grits his teeth and raises both hands upward. This allows two large trees to grow out from the ground on opposite sides of him.

"Now it's getting interesting.", comments Azazel still smiling.

Trees were well over thirty feet tall, and the branches stretched greatly. The bushy leaves created a globe of green that gently shook in the night breeze. Then tiny little buds of purple appeared among the leaves, emitting a pollen that completed surrounded the area.

Azazel looks around and notices the effects. His body and senses were thrown off a bit.

"This is my ideal playing field. I call these the Trophies of Terror. At first the pollen will merely slow your sense. But the longer you are exposed the greater your chance of being completely paralyzed."

"And why tell me that then, dumb ass!?", retorts Azazel.

"It is all ready too late."

Alfred begins walking towards the demon, he reaches out his right hand and a vine extends out into it. He removes it from the ground and begins lashing at Azazel with it while he now runs up closer.

Azazel sidesteps the first attempt, and then weaves in between each oncoming one.

"I see your tolerance is alot higher. But that is to be expected demon!"

As he comes closer he lunges in for a knee to his gut. Azazel kicks his knee away, ducks under the oncoming whip attempt, then jumps before the vines from under ground can grab him by the ankles once more.

"Damn....", states Alfred. He then decides he really has to give it his all.

He takes a piece of bark extending from the ground and then cuts his hand deep enough to where blood starts coming out.

"Well aren't we the crybaby type. Scratching yourself like a female, is it that time of the month you flower fag!?"

"Keep with the insults cretin, they inspire me!", Alfred turns his hand over and allows four drops of his blood to touch the ground. They immediately seep in, and the drops fade away.

Then without warning, four giant objects burst from just infront of where Alfred stands.

Revealed are four large Venus fly traps viciously biting at the sky. The sound of their blood-thirsty hissing impresses the demon.

"Whoa, gotta give your bum ass credit for this one. Shame, if I didn't promise to kill you I definitely would have you recruited you."

"Your babble won't let you escape."

Alfred points towards Azazel.

"Now my children. Go feast upon this dinner I have lain before you!"

With that, the four Venus fly traps surf from their roots under the ground in monstrous velocity towards the ever-smiling Azazel.

Erebus narrowly ducks a roundhouse and goes for a leg sweep that Sophia easily back flips over. The moment she lands, she vanishes with incredible speed.

The vampire turns to take a knee in his face, but uses this oppurtunity to punch at her stomach. She sees it coming and cartwheels midair. His fist grazes her and she continues her cartwheel on the ground until on her feet.

He's adept at adapting. That is the first hit he got on me. Powerful punch too. It was a mere graze, so I can imagine I should make this quick.

Erebus, contrary to her perfect and clean appearance, had clearly been receiving a good amount of blows. And he was infuriated by it. Not only was this foe a human, but it was a female human. And he could smell nothing about her scent to make her otherwise.

"What exactly is it that you want human?"

"Nothing personal Alsop. We did not come specifically for you, although I'm sure we would have killed you eventually.", Sophia stands bold and unwavering.

"Is that so? I had heard of your group briefly. In passing. What is it you are after then?"

"Your boss. We are here specifically to kill Dracula. But seems as though he is running late, so you and Azazel will do just fine."

Erebus hears this and is even more maddened, "You can't be serious. Bitch, I will crush you myself! How dare you even think of laying a finger on my lord!?"

"If you have a problem with it, then try your luck vampire. But I have all ready recited the Forty Winks Miranda. Once a foe of ours has heard that they are destined to death at our hands."

"You are too confident for your own good. I'll sire you and make you my personal sex slave you wench."

"Lovely. Now, let me ask you something. How exactly did Azazel appear here? We expected him a year ago, but his appearance is in fact shocking. Who resurrected him?"

"Fuck you bitch. I answer to no human."

"Very well then."

Sophia leans forward in a dash and is immediately in front of Erebus, then behind him, then back in front, then all of a sudden to his left side. She punches his face, kicks him in the ribs, and then vanishes as he tries to backhand her face.

She appears under him in a front roll motion, coming up in a hand stand to push her legs up and send her heels colliding violently under Erebus's chin. Then is immediately behind him, where she elbows his face directly and sends him crashing with his back to the ground.

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Sep 5, 2003
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With incredible speed the four enraged plants bite the air as they close in on the demon.

Azazel runs towards them.

Alfred clenches his fists and takes a deep breath, "You're mine now demon."

As he encounters the first of the bunch, Azazel hops over it and delivers a mighty punch over it's head. It let sout a cry as it smashes into the ground, and the next one is about to bite his torso. The demon allows it to bite his arm and then uses his other to pry the jaws off him--he wince sin pain.

"What the hell?!", he exclaims. His arm suddenly burns. The saliva of the plants are acidic.

Alfred runs forward.

Azazel kicks at one but misses, and then leaps away from the other two. The first had long since recovered and was coming for him again.

"Annoying little shits!"

He uppercuts one and backflips away from the othe rone, landing right into the mouth of another. WIncing in pain he barely pries open the mouth in time to escape the whole group trying to devour him.

His flesh was searing from their saliva. As his blood drips down his sides, Alfred comes over and rocks his jaw with a flurry of punches. Azazel grabs both his fists and headbutts him onto his back, and as he's about to punch him, is tackles once again by one of the plants. He rolls off of it and cartwheels away from another barrage.

The cold air blows, Azazel can feel it.

"Damnit. I'm weakening I can actually feel human weather. This bitch ass fucking ability of his...."

Vines spring up beneath Azazel and try and bind him again, he jumps away, then immediately rolls underneath the plants coming, standing and instantly catching a dropkick in his chest from Alfred. He who jumps up and runs towards him.

Azazel uses his knuckles to prop him up to his feet and dodges each oncoming punch, ducking, and then using both open palms to hit at Alfred's chest and send him flying ten feet away. Having to keep his guard up at all times, he knows the plants are coming from him. Leaping away from them, another vine sprouts and wraps around his right ankle. dragging him back to the ground and pinning him to his back. More vines begin wrapping over him in incredible fashion.

"Son of a--", his mouth muffled by the vines wrapping over his head.

The longer the fight lasts, the grass is rising higher and higher by the minute, now at Alfred's thighs.

Azazel is infuriated, and viciously rips out his vine prison just in time to barely roll out the way of the plants coming, then gets on one knee to use his right elbow to block a diving kick from Alfred. The demon grabs him at his collar and hurls him into the sky. He jumps for him, and just as he is about to chop for his throat, a series of bark in the shape of a large square shoot from the ground and provide just enough protection to allow Alfred to dodge.

"Screw this shit!", Azazel takes a piece of the broken bark that was landing from the sky and uses it to shank one of the oncoming plants directly upon it's head. The plant screams in obvious pain and crashes to the ground in a jerk.

"I'm giving you the impression you're on my level human. Please do not misinterpret my generosity. You are formidable. But this world is way too soft now. Someone of your ability was a low level BEGGAR in my reign!"

Alfred scoffs at his words, "Today you die by human hands demon. Do not undermine my skills due to a hissy fit!"

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Sep 5, 2003
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Azazel spits to the ground in complete confidence.

"I wasn't lying. You are highly interesting."

Alfred watches him closely.

"Our interests clash demon. Begging for your damned life is both ironic and an utter joke. Absolute comedy birthed from fear."

Rolling his neck and shrugging in jest, the demon places his hands on his hips.

"Just WHO are you people? Humans should not be this knowledgeable. I may have been gone as long as I have been, but this is insanity. I like it. I won't lie to you human, I was in peril. Trapped in my Hell, and knowing I am immortal....I wished for death after the first couple decades. To cease to be. But I always did like one thing about you fools, the one thing that kept me somewhat optimistic."

Grass rises by the minutes, Alfred is focusing on a plan of attack.

"Oh really demon? That is unfortunate, you do not deserve a bright spot in your damned existence."

"Heh. You humans. Really, ALL of you heathens. I know no different from a vampire, human, wolf, nor any other kind of beast that infested this plain. You're all scum to me. But with you humans. You all have this fascinating theory that you're meant to be on the level of Angels. Your misguided righteousness, stemming hilariously from half-assed religions and hope. But really, your desire to know will be, as it always has been, your ultimate undoing. HA! Even amongst your own kind you fools kill each other and feel entitled to land long older than you. And for what? The color of skin? As I slaughtered you delusional fucks all I saw was weak cowering, depleting RED! And as you dig for knowledge you have no fair claim to......I knew. I knew your foolishness would lead you my way one day. It wasn't even a question of IF! Just, when....."

Alfred seers over him, "Maybe so. But that is what separates our kind from horrific monstrosities such as yourself. You will never be free demon. Through your eyes all you can see is pain and destruction. And control. I am able to show concern. Care. To love. I wouldn't trade that for the viciousness of a demon. Not at all."

"Ha, well I guess we can agree to disagree."

"That we shall. Know I DO take pride in killing you. Not for personal fame or acclaim. It soothes me you will no longer torment. You will cease to be demon."

"Doubt it. But I like your vigor. On second thought, I like you more than I thought. You will come in handy later on. You might actually be my favorite toy for awhile......"

Alfred has no idea what he's getting at, but thrusts himself forward into a thunderous dash.

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Sep 5, 2003
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"Too slow demon!", Sophia is immediately out of frame from Erebus's kick.

Her image appears to Erebus but two feet away and he punches in anger towards her direction. It is yet once again too slow as she is behind him once again.

"How old are you human?"

Sophia begins walking towards him.

Erebus calms and holds ground, "I am over a thousand years of age. I am older than your family lineage more than likely. As one warrior to another, how is it to you fare to my kind so well?"

The leader of the Forty Winks stops in her walk.

"Does it matter at this point demon? I know you only ask me these questions now to find a weakness upon me. I'm well aware of you. More so than you are of me. The audacity of you to bring upon a plan to drink my humanity. You are a coward--"

Erebus is immediately at her side and tries to grab at her. As his hands touch her, he hugs himself in a fury.

Sophia stands from another angle.

"Typical beast. The Forty Winks have existed less than your so called majesty. I'm sure he made a madate pertaining to us. One being of such. If you ever run into our nation, flee. Even you as you are ranked are but a mere ant to me....."

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Sep 5, 2003
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"Bring it bitch.", Azazel clutches hard a his grips.

"By all means.", Alfred stops midway.

"I am going to end this now."

Alfred kneels down and allows the vines from within the ground to pierce his veins. Initially they jerk into him like a knife into butter. Then they settle and slowly begin entering.

Azazel is unfazed by this deceleration. Fully confident as always. However, this is just in his cocky nature. In actuality what he considered a mere human was draining him. The pollen of the trees only grew in each moment. Worse, the breeze of the night was disadvantages to his battle plan.

Being trapped for so long not only was the demon rusty, he was yet ironically over-confident in the prospect of him being a critical threat. It proved to be a pain in his ass. Literally.

"So now what. You gonna plant some azaleas as a parting gift?"

The demon's smirk is ever attached to the frame of his being. It's as if nothing frightens him. Even impeding damaging onslaughts of foes.

The vines slowly exit Alfred and rise to the sky entangling in a circular motion the ceases forty feet from the ground. A set of mouths sprout from the top and screech. "Datura Stramonium.", utters Alfred as the mouths crush together at the top to form one large mouth.

The single mouth makes a blood curdling cry of agony reminiscent to an innocent death. A single leave shoots sharp into the ground beside Alfred.

"Enough of your hat trick you fuckin' moron, you ain't killing shit!!!", Azazel dashes towards him as he avoids natures booby traps around him with ease.

Alfred picks up the leave and sucks on it until it is withered to nothing.

Just as Azazel punches him, he exhales a large smoke and vanishes.

"Kidding me, I know you're not like the other one!"

The demon skids to a halt and turns to see Alfred's body reanimating from the surface of the ground a great distance behind him. Arising from the tall grass as though he was of it himself.

Body reforming to normal, organs pumping and blood gushing in plain sight, Alfred rips himself from the ground and walks towards Azazel.

"My leader is far superior to me. That vampire will surely be dead before you."

"I could give a shit about that cretin. You avoided that attack way quicker than you should."

Eyes entirely lowered, Alfred looks onto the demon with a smile.

"Truth be told, if I don't die in our battle I expect to never be at complete capacity. I used an intricate herb to expedite my process of elimination. So to speak."

Azazel laughs, "I believe that's what you humans call 'Getting high' in this age. Hahaha, you are something else."

Alfred holds both hands forward with his fingers extended, "Take him, Ageratina altissima!" [h=3][/h]From out of the centers of his fingers, darts appear to blast at an high velocity. Azazel seems them and tries to dodge but it hit by seven of the ten.

He immediately kneels and vomits a putrid purple, gagging like a bad shot of pure grain alcohol.

"Heh, trying to slow down my reflexes even more I see. Stupid. I won't fall for that again."

Alfred's body drops into the surface within a second and rises behind Azazel, where Alfred pierces his fingers into the demon and grips.

Azazel's eyes start to bleed slightly, the purple thick and gushes.

"Is that it?", Azazel asks of him.

"When I smoked that, my positive life force turned into a negative. An extreme poison. I knew this would be the only attack to defeat you. I may be crippled from it, but you will never breathe again demon!"

"Ha, like bad drugs. You are the worst human!"

Azazel suddenly clenches his entire body and begins rocking back and forth out of Alfred's grip.

This is impossible! He can still MOVE!!!?

Azazel plunges the back of his head into what was left of Alfred's nose, crushing it.

As the grip is release, Azazel quickly turns forward and bloodies Alfred with an array of punches before the man drops into the soil once more out of desperation.

Erebus rolls off his back and leaps to his feet. His entire body dirty and seeming beaten.

Sophia is slightly out of norm, or a tleast what she would consider, yet her unlimited elegance shown through exponentially.

She takes one step forward and vanishes once more.

Erebus leaps right into her knee descending from the sky, reaching for her once more after impact, grabbing yet again nothing.

As he lands to his feet, he holds his face for the first time.

"Here. Now. Of all places. You choose to come.", he says in disgust.

Walking at an angle angle towards him she in unwavering.

"You have murdered THOUSANDS Alsop. Thousands. Yet your lord is guilty of much worse."

He grits his teeth in anticipation as she stops. She eyes a shred of bark ten meters away, rustled in their direction from the breeze. Her fists clench as she takes to walking again.

"Did you really think you could live forever. God created man equal. Alsop, I might have pitied you once. Now, I just can't wait to vanquish you."

Arising thirty feet from the demon, Alfred drops in pain.

This demon. I can not allow him to live. His reactions. The adaptability.

Azazel turns towards him with the glimmer of the moon showing confidently through his teeth. He shakes himself down and takes step by step towards the living plant.

I reckon he gets stronger with each battle. His comments of using me as some sort of toy shouldn't be taken lightly either. At worst I think.....No. I am old now anyhow.

Alfred takes a single deep breath and suddenly the entire ground begins attacking at Azazel in the form of vines, wooden bullets, pollen, needles, and traps.

"Oh no, I see!!! You are finished you old fuck!"

Azazel charges full speed avoiding everything as he inches towards his enemy.

"Madame Sophia, your father would be so proud of you....."

Alfred rubs his hands together and allows as Azazel reaches at his heart.

"The fuck!?", Azazel cries in pain.

From within Alfred's body sprouts a plethora of absolutely gorgeous flowers and roots that stab Azazel and wrap him into Alfred tightly.

"Now demon....l--l--look me in my eyes as I kill you...."

Alfred has blood showering from his mouth, teeth breaking from his gums and flowing down.

Azazel watches as Alfred's chest rips open slowly and painfully, showing a large golden seed exiting his chest.

"Hahahahaha!!! You are the real deal my man!!! Willing to die to take me huh!!!"

"In ordance with the Forty Winks, I exterminate you demon!!!!"

The seed is gripped from vines and suddenly thrust towards Azazel's chest.

Sophia is standing over Erebus with the wood at the tip of his chest. She rises and vanishes.

As she appears a few feet away she looks towards her companion's direction.

"What is he thinking. Damn you Alfred!", she screams.

A distinct smell of fire and brimstone flutters entirely too strong in the air, it singes what was left of Alfred's nose.

Alfred looks on, his eyes drooping in depression.


He suddenly feels a sharp burst through his back, slowing ripping through his back.

Azazel is reaching slowly.


"Like I would show all my cards to you after you sprouted that big ass tree against me. I like fun, but only in my favor. Since your soul belongs to me now I suppose you can get the scoop. I can hop dimensions at will. You never had a chance you fuckin fool."

Azazel reaches completely through his chest and pulls out Alfred's bloody, battered, and beating heart.

He takes his heart and immediately devours it like a ravenous animal, gulping it whole even before Alfred's corpse hits the ground.

"You are mine!", his body trembles as all his wounds are instantly healed and a sharp wind overtakes the area.

Sophia stares onward, "No......"

Azazel stretches and takes one step when a sudden boom ruptures the sudden wind and he feels a bullet send him on his back.

"What is this!?", he asks angrily. His wound slowly spreading in the most painful of ways.

Unit 0041 all stand looking at him.

Max steps forward.

"I know that smell. Brimstone. You fuckin piece of shit, you are DEAD!"

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Sep 5, 2003
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Azazel stands to the sight of them, his wound finishing ripping away--then immediately starting to slowly heal back.

"Vampire......and you smell like something aquatic...", he makes notice to Noc and Mizu's particular scents. "Oh, I take it you bunch of freaks are the tenants at that zombie hospital I was at haha!"

Soda holds the still simmering Mongoose in hand looking intently. "That voice. I know that voice."

"What do you mean?", asks Max without taking his eyes off the demon. That voice man.....I know it. He must have projected his consciousness into one of them to relay that message to me."

"And what message is that Soda?", asks Max still gritting his teeth in anger.

"He wants to kill me for some reason.", Soda comments without emotion.

Azazel looks hard towards Soda, his expression becoming more serious. "YOU!"

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Rubbing slowly over the newly formed scar the demon looks to Soda with unwavering contempt. His eyes take to each of the five members and he suddenly begins to weigh his options. Even with the aid of Erebus what are his chances here. He looks to Trent and Max. This is odd.....Those two don't even smell of anything but human and animal.

But you.....I know what YOU are Soda Samsons.

Max looks from Soda back to the demon, "Listen you piece of ****, I don't really care who you are. I want answers. And you can believe I am gonna get them!!!"

He takes off in a mighty sprint for Azazel, he comes down to all fours then bursts off his legs to lunge at him with a right hook with mighty anger.

Azazel is shocked by his speed and barely avoids it, Max spins off his right heel as he lands and hops with a quick roundhouse which the demon blocks. Following suit with a heavy barrage of rage-induced knuckles.

"Fuckin great!", shouts Azazel as is being backed down by the punches. "You're pretty strong for whatever you are but futile!"

Catching and slapping down his fists, Azazel bearshugs Max and looks into his golden eyes with his own demonic ones. AFter a moment of tension, both vanish into a poof of the same ash and fire that could be smelled from within their exstinct clubhouse.

Soda immediately knows to look up and sees them both reappear still in grip high into the sky, "What the hell?!!! How did they get up there!? Look guys!" he points and they watch as the two seperate by Azazel clubbing Max in his face and allowing him to fall the great distance down.

"See ya!!!", the demon shouts as he vanishes again and is immediately back on the ground looking up as Max falls.

Noc looks to Trent, "Trent!!! This is all you!!!"

"You got it!!!!", Trent bends his knees and launches like an absolute rocket to intercept Max's body in the sky.

Sophia and Erebus both watch confused from the distance.

"So you brought more allies I see."

She looks to him then back out to where her comrade was killed and begins to grow in fury. Her cloak ruffles and in almost sonic boom fashion her body is away from the vampires, she's spinning in the air, twisting her leg around and delivers a kick with all her speed behind it to the face of the demon.

Noc,, Mizu, and Soda watch as this figure comes out of nowhere to accomplish this in shock.

Azazel cries in agony as his body goes flying, rolling far off into the distance.

"AHHHH!!!!!! You ****in *****!!!!",, his face feels nearly broken.

Sophia lands on her right leg and limps as she begins walking towards him again, she puts all her speed behind the kick. Her leg felt like it had just kicked solid granite.

"You bastard!!!!"

Trent and Max land softly on the ground and look at everything.

He looks at the angered Sophia, he is caught in a slight trance by her.

"Wow......who is THAT!?", Trent asks snapping his leader out quickly.

"I don't know but she just kicked the living **** out of our enemy so she can't be all bad."

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Sep 5, 2003
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This situation does not bode well in our favor. I am beginning to think this legendary demon may not be up to task for this. Retreat is the best option.

Erebus slowly begins walking towards where the battle is directly underway, slightly pained but healing. He was made privy to the potential opposition he may face when arriving to recruit Azazel in this forsaken city, but this madness was abrupt in it's defining impression.

Azazel is now at a stand looking at the six enemies all staring him down with contempt, even his love for the fight and the thirst for blood were wavering under the circumstances.

"So this is what yall wanna do huh? You gonna jump me, that's not very fair don't ya think?? Haha!", his eyes shifts between each of them.

His words anger Sophia further, as well as that of Max;s simultaneously.

"FAIR???!!!!", they both lash out in response. They look at each other momentarily and then back to the demon.

"You have the temerity to speak of fair, when you have slaughtered so many! You are pure evil! To think the concept of fair would even relinquish itself upon a monster like you is absolutely asinine!", Sophia begins walking towards him.

Max adds on, "I must agree with the lady you piece of shit. You murdered all our comrades who were doing their jobs, bothering no one!". He also takes to walking forward, the rest all following suit.

Azazel scoffs and shakes his hands up, "Oh come the **** on! Those guys were miserable, once I made them apparent to what they were they wanted to die! You kept them in limbo for your own personal shit, free slave labor from the dead--you assholes have no right to complain!"

"You talk too fuckin much!", Max yells as he rushes to Azazel. Sophia vanishes and beats him to the demon, chopping at his throat, appearing to his back elbowing his head--then tripping him further to stumble downward into one of Max's uppercuts. Of which sends the demon flipping backwards into a surge of Nyoibou strikes ending with another bullet from Soda's Mongoose taking a chunk of his midsection out.

Azazel teleport a great distance away, reappearing in a cry of pain, "AHHHHHHH!!!! You fuckers are dead!!!!!!!"

Trent cracks his knuckles running to get his licks in, "Big talk coming from a red ***** getting his ass kicked!!!". Trent shifts the gravitational pull ever so slightly in a sudden instance to slingshot himself up to Azazel, he leaps and punches at his face. Azazel leans over to dodge and catches Sophia's heel coming upward into the left of his face. With no time to react to her, he has to dodge Trent's flurry of punches and kicks as the young man is a leaf in a hurricane moving ever so quick and careening down with the power backed by his gravity. And for every punch narrowly missed, Sophia was there to make sure she hit whichever way his head leaned away into.

The demon teleports farther away, "This is a fuckin tragedy!!!!"

"Well I'll be damned, I don't know who this chick is but she is legit!!!", Trent exclaims in cocky bravado. The sudden shift in the scales was staggering, the demon could not fathom a scenario so soon back on what he once believed to be a weakened Earth. To leave him in such a state, to feel actual pain. It was indescribable to his psyche.

Erebus takes off into a sprint and intercepts Noc and Mizu as they try to add in on the assault, he suddenly is punching Noc in the abdomen and dodges the Fibbing Bokuto strikes of Mizu as she comes at him with fury.

"Where the hell have you been, slick back???!!!!", Azazel shouts.

"Fool! You-", one of Mizu's blades cuts along Erebus's arm. "Shit!". He backflips, and as he lands the Nyoibu is already stretching out and creates might impact to the center of his forehead sending him rolling backwards until he leaps onto his feet again.

Azazel teleports next to him, they look onward as the six begin coming to them again.

"I think it might be time to retreat demon..."

"Retreat???!!! The **** I look like running away from this band of weaklings???"

"These 'weaklings' have the upper hand right now. Clearly you were heavily weakened killing that woman's initial accomplice. Whatever he did to you before he died, it is quite OBVIOUS you are still sluggish. You healed externally but he left something inside you, draining you."

"Oh, bulllllshiiiiiiiiit! I killed that tree-hugging old man quick, too fuckin easy!"

"Listen demon, we now know our enemy. We have somewhat a sense of their abilities we need to go. You have the power to get us out of here to where not even that woman can catch us!"

"One more."


"Let's go one more round with these cocksuckers. If shit looks bad still, then we get the hell out. Scout's honor!"

"You...You are madness demon!"

The six of them stop.

Without averting his eyes, Max speaks to Sophia. "I appreciate your help mam. I do not know who you are, but you are something else. I need to kill that red guy though."

She looks at him, "Azazel? No. He is MINE. He killed one of my top men. His blood is only ours to spill."

It is now Max looks to her, "Look lady, he killed more of mine than he did your one I assure you!"

Noc, Soda, Trent, and Mizu look on and all sigh.

Sophia is adamant, "My man was not just some.....EMPLOYEE! He has slayed more treachery in this world than you will ever know, and that THING!", she points to Azazel, "That thing is MINE alone to kill. You can kill Erebus."

Noc hears that name and suddenly feels a pain within his head, he grips at it intently for a second and then shakes his pain away.

Noticing, Mizu looks at him. "What was that?"

"I don't know. I just felt a jolt of something very familiar."

Max retorts, and at this point both sides are having internal arguments on the nature of the opposing situations. To the point the sides were in a standstill staring at each other, cementing side by side.

"Listen lady, this is not up for debate! Why don't YOU kill the emo guy??"

"The Forty Winks have been hunting this demon for years now, you don't get a say in this. You are lucky you have seen me and are not dead yet."

This takes Max and the rest by surprise. He looks at her in shock, "The Forty Winks?????!!!!"

Soda interjects, "Does it really matter who does it, I get the feeling this is the best chance we are going to get at doing away with him. We caught him off guard, we may not get this chance again, we need to strike now Max!"

As they all snap back to view on their two foes, all of a sudden the ground begins shaking. Suddenly six giant Venus fly traps rip through the ground and begin snapping at the air. Akin to the ones Alfred was using. Sophia looks at this in horror.

"No! How could this be!!!?"

Azazel smirks and motions his hand in a thrust as the six creatures surf threw the ground and head for the six in a thirsty fashion.