J.J. Abrams Talks Star Wars and Relationship With Fans

Todd Black

Apr 8, 2015
If the Star Wars universe has been anything over the last several decades, it’s conflicting. The Last Jedi didn’t wow people like Empire Strikes Back did. The prequels are either loved or hated depending on who you talked to, The Last Jedi is either incredibly epic or lame, and Solo was…well never mind.
The Last Jedi especially caused such a division in the fanbase that it affected director Rian Johnson and a bunch of other people, labeling the fanbase as “toxic” in the eyes of some. Many have wondered if JJ Abrams, who’s the director of Rise of Skywalker just tried to ignore the fans and their potential hate when making his movie. He decidedly did not:
“You can’t look at fans of Star Wars as an adversary. They’re passionate, and certainly can be contentious, but the fact they care — I feel like I, as a Star Wars fan, understand that love for the series,” Abrams told Popcorn host Peter...

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