Is the entertainment keep making reboots in this current age?

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Nov 9, 2011
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Extended title: Is the entertainment keep making more reboots,reimaginings and remakes in this current age and less focus on making original ideas?

You know in this current age of entertainment ,Recent reboots,reimaginings and remakes of once popular old shows and movies happened in cartoons,movies and television.We have good reboots like Star trek (2009),Ducktales (2017),Westworld (2016) ,Battlestar galactica (2004) and bad reboots like Halloween (Rob Zombie’s version),MacGyver (2016),The Powerpuff Girls (2016), and Charlie's Angels (2011)

It made me wonder if the entertainment industry is using reboots,reimaginings and remakes of once popular old shows and movies to get more gain,If it does perhaps the reason people want reboots is something people claimed is due to nostalgia probably they want to revisit their old shows and movies but in modern form for a current audience and maybe the other reason is that both TV and movie theater are likely to decline due to the march of progress of technology in other words ,Streaming reigns supreme while TV begins to decline which is ironic as when TV was supreme during its prime ,radio begins to decline which is why there are too many reboots in movies and televisions in this current age.

However if the entertainment industry keeps on making reboots of old shows and old movies ,they will lose focus on making new ideas and originality because lately during the 70’s to the early 2000s reboots,reimaginings and remakes were less now it's almost 50% in this current age.

So it leaves me to discuss in this topic,Is the entertainment keep making more reboots in this current age and less focus on making original ideas?
Oct 18, 2016
Reboots are less risky than new ideas. With reboots of popular and well known franchises, you have a guaranteed audience, new idea do not have a guaranteed audience.
May 17, 2006
New Jersey
I don't count It as a reboot completely. Only because it deserved a true adaptation. However, the original miniseries was closer to the novel because of of the time period, being in the 50's.
I actually thought the "80s setting" of it was pretty funny because when they pointed out that it took place in the 80s (NKOTB poster, Street Fighter arcade for example) it felt like they were focusing the cameras so hard on those scenes, whereas the 1990 version of It just had its setting in the 50s matter of factly without forcing anything.


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