Is Simpsons still airing in syndication?

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While the FXX reruns and Disney + make it redundant now, are there any stations (possibly smaller market stations) that still air syndicated Simpsons reruns? Some stations still air reruns of shows like Seinfeld late at night, so it's not out of the question. It would also be interesting to see which seasons they air.


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My local Fox station recently listed some classic Simpsons episodes playing one Sunday afternoon, and I tune in to find they're airing an Emeril LaGasse infomerical instead.

I hate it when TV lies to me like that.
i'm pretty sure it still makes a fortune under TV syndication especially with CW and My Network TV affiliates across the US


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In NYC it airs on WWOR at 11:30 PM on weekdays. It used to air 7PM on WNYW (Fox) before Fall 2013.


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It airs on WFXT in Boston weeknights at 1:35 A.M. Looks like they’re currently airing season 27.


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Yes, yes they do , though many stations have moved it to late or just weekends over the time . KWGN airs it Weeknights at 1:07am and Saturdays at 9 and 9:30pm. Used to air on sister station KDVR but they swapped it with Friends a few years ago.


On FXX channel 109 The Simpsons are on that channel at weeknights 5 pm- to 10 pm
and on Sunday afternoons from 12 pm to 5pm with a theme block

I wonder will Disney plus air season 31 of the

at some point?


A fan of Peanuts in their 70th year
If it's like the Simpsons World thing it would make it to Disney Plus in September when the new season starts.... currently it's on Hulu and Fox Now..


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