Is Nick/Viacom Done With TMNT?

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May 13, 2016
Yeah, right... all of their "original" shows are owned by other distributors...Kappa Mikey is distributed by CAKE Distribution, The Secret Show is distributed by BBC Studios, Wild Grinders and Zevo-3 are distributed by Splash Entertainment, etc.
Well, it's not like Nicktoons never had an original series when they actually have since despite the distribution rights being under Cake, Nicktoons did indeed co-produce Kappa Mikey, therefore it is a Nicktoons original, unlike The Secret Show, Wild Grinders and Zevo-3 as those three fall under acquired programming (i.e. Nicktoons' only involvement was airing them). Domo TV also falls into the same "original co-production" category as Kappa Mikey since it was a co-production with NHK.

Not only that but Making Fiends and Random Cartoons are also Nicktoons originals, even though they were originally planned to be Nickelodeon originals.

Well, it sure is the right word to describe Viacom...
For Viacom, of course but not so much for Nickelodeon.


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