Is Gwen Stacy Having Pink Highlights In Her Hair Something That Will Stick In Animation?


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Jan 5, 2014
I recently found out about how there's a version of Gwen Stacy called Gwenpool, where she seems to basically have the humor of Deadpool. She's also noted for having pink highlights in her hair. The pink highlights however seem to be used for Ghost Spider, her regular superhero alter ago, in animation. Is it something that will stick for future animated projects?

The first appearance of Gwen with pink highlights in her hair was in the Marvel Rising franchise, where she wears it as part of her regular look. This would carry over to Spidey And His Amazing Friends, and the teaser for Across The Spiderverse part 1 shows that she has some pink highlights, unlike the first movie. Heck, even parodies seem to be doing this. The Amphibia episode "Spider Sprig", which is a parody of Spiderman, has a character named Molly Jo. While she shares some similarities with Mary Jane Watson, such as the same initials and filling a love interest role (even though she and Sprig aren't dating), she also has similarities to Gwen Stacy, mainly in having blond hair with pink, blue, and green highlights.

What do you think?


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Mar 8, 2009
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Gwen also had the pink highlights in LEGO Spider-Man Vexed by Venom; it was basically her Marvel Rising design but I think it can count as a separate project where this look was used.


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May 28, 2014
As long as she's portrayed as a rockstar, they'll stick to that look. The original Pink frosted tipped Gwen was not a Stacy. She was from our universe with her own backstory and became Gwenpool (real last name Poole) when she got sucked into the Marvel universe. There's no mention of a rockstar persona in the wiki.


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