Irony: Jessica DiCicco And Melanie Minichino As Preschool Announcers On Rival Networks, Yet Have Never Done Voice Work For Said Networks

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Jan 5, 2014
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Yeah, the title was too long, hence the awkward title here. Anyway, here's a bit of irony for you. Jessica DiCicco is the female announcer for Nick Jr, yet has never been in a Nick Jr show. She's more closely associated with Disney Junior, with shows like Sheriff Callie, Puppy Dog Pals, and Muppet Babies. On the flip side, Melanie Minichino has been the female Disney Junior announcer voice since 2010 (look at the Vampirina commercial), yet she's never done voice work for a Disney Junior show. The one preschool show she's done is as Watts on Blaze And The Monster Machines, a Nick Jr show. Of course, this could change in the future, but the irony is right there.

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