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Sep 23, 2001
On the week of September 11th, thousands of internet junkies plopped in front of their televisions, cuddling invisible Gaz plushies, and waiting for their favorite show, Invader Zim, to appear and wash away their sorrows.

Sadly, all they saw was The Fairly Oddparents.

With all of that sprung a bunch of false news, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories that correlate the show to John K.'s TV wonder, Ren and Stimpy. I myself have fallen prey to them.

But fear not. This is what is true and what is not true.

Invader Zim is NOT cancelled. Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon officials agreed to pull the show that week because they feared the show would be too violent to air amongst such tragic events.

The show was NOT pulled because of "FBI Warning". The current web rumor was that the FBI content caused the episode's cancellation. But there is no FBI content in the entire episode, outside of the said FBI Warning that appears on a videotape Zim purchases from the mall. The adventure is of him trying to return the videotape to the mall, NOT fight the FBI.

Yesterday's marathon has been rescheduled for this coming Saturday. It will feature two brand new episodes, "Balognius Maximus/Game Slave 2", and "Door-To-Door/FBI Warning" as well as other fan favorites.

Invader Zim is Nickelodeon's internet cult hit, about the misadventures of an alien sent to conquer a planet, and the schoolmate Dib who tries to stop him at any cost, despite both of them being social outcasts.

Invader Zim can be seen every Friday Night, as part of Totally Twisted Telly on Nickelodeon, at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central.

[Sources: TV Guide,, CNX Boards]
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