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Teen Titans Go!
Nov 17, 2001
Ann Arbor, MI
Hey all!

Whether you're a reader, writer, or lurker this thread is for telling everyone else a little about yourself. Tell us about your interests, occupation, favorite shows, or just drop in to say hi! Been here awhile? Maybe tell us about your favorite stories or stuff you've written in the past. New around these parts? We'd love to hear about what kinds of stories you're looking to read or what you're planning on writing.

Catch you around!

-Steel :)


Jun 29, 2002
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I am Catgirl :). My names actually Kiran, I'm a student. I enjoy photography, writing, Tennis, comics,and Johnny Depp ;). I'm currently writing a series of fanfics about the seedy underbelly of the Vreelands. The Vreeland Effect is an anthology series, Email surveys is just a bunch of Batcharacters taking a survey, and JLA Watchtower is my first JL story. I really enjoy this board because of the interaction between writers. You get a feel for people that you dont get at other fanfic sites. AND people badger you, so you dont abandon a fic halfway through, like I have a tendency to. My favorite stories is "A gothic cinderella" and Nightwing: Orpheus out of control, which you have to finish Steel. I also enjoy those great Halloween stories where a whole buch of fanfic characters get together. Just cause I get a thrill out of seeing somebody I created being used by someone else. I personally wouldnt read anything I write though...its just too...ick.


Abraham Sapien
Jan 26, 2003
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I am Dr. Destiny. I am not about to give my real name. 15 years old, and have been writing JL stories since about March or April. I write a lot of stories around Martian Manhunter, because I find him the easiest to write. Right now, I have the MM books being written. My favorite story is not on here. I enjoy Christmas/Halloween stories a lot, yet I see they are harder and harder to find.

Edited on April 8, 2004:

I suppose it is time for an update. After all, it's been several months, and things have changed somewhat.

Name: Changed to Fernus in January. I am still not prepared to give away my real name to complete strangers over the internet.

Favorite Fanfictions: I like things centered around either the Justice League, or Martian Manhunter in general. With the cartoon out, they're becoming more and more common to find, which is good.

What I write: I mostly write Justice League fanfiction, but sometimes will write Martian Manhunter solos. I don't like flames, I work hard writing as sure all fanfiction writers do. I review like I want to be reviewed.

Favorite hero: Martian Manhunter. He's the World's Finest in one whole.

Favorite books: Cirque Du Freak, A Tale of Two Cities.

Favorite movies: Superman I and II, Batman I and II, Daredevil, Hellboy, The Patriot, Holocaust.

Favorite shows: Justice League, Superman, Futurama, Family Guy.
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The lurker that talks too much
Nov 15, 2003
somewhere in NC, USA
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I think I might have read Catgirl's Email Survey too much but here goes.

What is your ID? Blaster144

What is your real name? Sue

Where do you live?I make my home in the real world somewhere in NC, on the web I'm found where ever my keyboard takes me.

Pet Peeve(s)?Authors who don't update regularly, slow Internet connections, People who cheat at games, and people who play their music too loud.

Favorite Fan Fiction Site? I come here for the more focused fan stuff.

Favorite story theme(s)? Batman and Supermen team-ups and Holidays.

First Cartoon show? Transformers G1.

Favorite scene? Optimus Prime comes back from the dead and Beats up Rodimious Prime.

Weird internet habit? I chair dance to music while I type.

Do you believe in telling authors if their stories suck? Yes.

Favorite Cartoon character? Batman. (I just wish that I could be as quiet as him. *sigh*)

Favorite Movie? World's Finest.

Favorite Smilie? :evil: I just seem to use this one the most.

Least favorite sound? My computer's fan breaking.

Weird fact about you.. and I mean weird: I find very cold coffee sitting next to my computer and I like to drink it too. Happens everytime I come to this site..... Hang on let me check... Yep. There's a cup of cold coffee there now. It doesn't taste too bad.

Worst moment? The time my internet service deleted me from their database. :mad:

Favorite food? Cold pizza for breakfast (excluding Pizza Hut pizza).

Happy Reader or Reincarnated English Teacher Fom Hell? Happy Reader most of the time..... :p

Whats in your closet? Clothes, Comic books, Books, Stuffed Toys, and Spare Blankets ( There's a sign on my closet door saying "Open at your own risk" for a reason.) :p

Your Car trunk? An empty cooler.

Favorite Book? The Vampire Hunter Series by Laura K. Hamilton.

What is the most bizzare post you ever read? Game messageboard post. It made no sense to anyone, even the person that wrote it.

How much Jewlery do you wear? Earrings. A couple rings. Do watches count?

What was that last song you downloaded? "Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd" by Roger Miller

If you had a Theme song what would it be? "3rd Rock from the Sun" by Joe Diffie

Personal Motto/quote? "If People think therefore they are, then Jar-Jar Binks is the Exception that proves the rule." - Me on TFN
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Soprano of Doom
Sep 11, 2002
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I'm Katfairy. My real name is Kate; the first time I logged on to a posting board I tried to type in "KateFairy" but the 'e' and the capital didn't register. However, I liked it, so I kept it. "Kate the Fairy" was what a friend called me to distinguish me from the half-dozen or so other Kates she knew. (Nothing insulting or improper intended by the nickname- I'd just done a production of "Iolanthe" when she settled on an identifier for me) I'm a few days shy of 34. Hobbies include Batman (no kidding?), history, Gilbert & Sullivan, and folklore.

Favorite current stories- Email Surveys, Broken, All In A Knights Work.

I'm currently working on "Beyond Knightfall" and trying to finish the first chapter of "Father's Day", the sequel to "Divine Secrets Of the Yo-Yo Sisterhood". I'm also thinking of reworking DSOYS because I'm not quite satisfied with the way it turned out. (No major changes, just tweaking) I'm in the process of fleshing out the next three stories after "Father's Day", to be titled "Wildcards & Ladycats", "Call Of the Wild" (unless I think of a better title), and "B-Movie Breakdown". All three of those are set in the Sisterhood-verse established in DSOYS. Be warned- in that universe there is no story idea so ludicrous that I won't consider use it. (There's a Pokemon crossover in the future that will have a permanent effect on the series)

The Detective

Active Member
Nov 18, 2002
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Hi everyone. I am The Detective, known in the real world as Caleb. I am consistently accused by my sister of being crazy and she might be right. But all that matters is is that I love to write and want to go into a career that has something to do with writing. Too bad for me I don't write that well and am usually to busy to do it. Completed stories on this board are The Dark Knight and Mid-Nite In Gotham. Unfinished stories include Memories of a Forgotten Past and Justice League: Halloween Surpise. My pet peeve is when my favourite stories don't get finished. :( My favourite fan fic writer on the board is probably Lady M but don't worry, I love you all. :)


Hi there! I just joined you folks this past weekend, so I'm new at this thing. Anyhoo, my name is Ronelle (neon_armadillo is too much of a pain to type, plus it sounds like someone's sidekick) I found this board though a Teen Titans site (one of my favorite cartoons, Justice League being the other). I'm a senior in college, shooting for an English major. I hope for a career in writing. I do write fics occasionally, but have trouble finding time to finish them (English is such a time consuming major!) Mostly I just like to read them (Lady M's Booster and Beetle go to Ponyland is my current favorite. Its such a good stress reducer!) I tend to lurk, especially now with the end of the semester coming up. So you probably won't see a whole lot of me right away.


Intercept Now!
Aug 15, 2003
i'm a bit of a lurker on the fan fics boards. i post regularly at the adcu thread. it's been a while since i posted any art on the drawing board, though, i still check in there once in a while. i'm a huge timm and co. fan, particularly in dini's writings. he writes stories that pack a punch, but are based on a simple premise, and layered with clever ideas and heart. he's a huge reason why i'm so immersed in the world of batman and just writing in general.

i do have a few stories bouncing around in my head, which i hope to post here in the not too distance future. i'm batting around a few jl stories, as well as a few batman stories. so stay tuned...


Teen Titans Go!
Nov 17, 2001
Ann Arbor, MI
Well, I guess its about time I introduce myself :)

I'm Steel. DCAU fanboy and fanfiction enthusiast. I love reading fanfiction, and my favorite authors here include (there are more; it would be too tedious to list them all) LadyM, Panther (particularly "Flower Children"), Daughterof_Evil (X series... wow), Batgirl, Calico, Catgirl, theNew_Catwoman, and the list goes on indefinately... I'm a terrible writer, but I'm also working on my own (really awful) fanfic series just for kicks involving Nightwing during the time that he spent through TNBA. At some point, I'd also like to write a story about Steel, a story about Lobo, and a Batman Beyond story involving the JLU.

I've got a brother and a sister (two of the coolest kids in the world), and I have a hell of a good time at the University of Michigan where I'm currently studying in... undecided. I like chilling out with my friends, going running, helping to coordinate and run Model UN Conferences, talking about political issues, lounging around and watching cartoons, and the entire female population. I'm a pretty busy guy, and I help out Toon Zone News and the World's Finest when I can, but I make it a point to read every story that I possibly can here. There's some amazing stuff in the archives, and I can't wait to see what people come up with :D


Jun 29, 2002
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Your story rocks Steel, its quite possibly my fave here (well asides from Panthers stuff which gives me a cheap thrill cause we had a crossover kinda thing). You just need to update it. :).


Oh you've got to be kidding me
May 2, 2001
This Good Earth
Name: Selina Kyle (Well, what did you expect exactly?)

Hobbies: Teasing Batman, as well as the rest of the male population, but he is indeed my favorite victim/love interest. Attending kleptomaniac anonymous meetings near the ruins of that community center I had built a while back with stolen money.

Base of Operations: Gotham City by way of southeast Michigan.

Favorite Stories: Time will Tell, Life is Good, as well as Man and Woman, all by DC Luder on Also (Elseworlds) Saving James by Darth Yoshi, another story. (Probably the most emotionally wrenching story I've ever read. It was indescribably good, but it also gave me nightmares. Considering I rarely and I mean rarely have nightmares, that was one twisted piece of work.) All in a Knight's Work by Panther, anything by DofE, E-mail Surveys by Catgirl, It's Been Awhile by Calico, Figments of the Imagination by Batgirl, Beyond Knightfall by Katfairy, and a host of other great stories that I couldn't think of. Sorry:(

Music I like: Just off the top of my head, I like classic rap (Run DMC comes to mind, as well as Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys), The Doors (Peace Frog and Wintertime Love are excellent), Led Zepplin, John Mayer :D, Alicia Keys, Musiq, Jet, 3 Doors Down, Norah Jones, The Roots, Jill Scott, Dialated Peoples, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, The Isley Brothers, uhhh... *shrugs* basically anything that's good.

I could list my favorite books and movies, but I would be here all day, so let's just say my work is influenced very heavily by these authors and movies:

Books: Ordinary People, The Fearless Series, J.B., Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey. Comics (Heavily, in fact, almost exclusively, such as Miracle Man No. 2. It's in shoddy shape, but it helps get me in the mindset I need to write about my elseworlds version of Clark)

Movies: One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Cowboy Bebop (The fight scenes alone are worth it), Animal House (particularly when it comes to describing attitudes and dress of the 60s when necessary [Perfect Dark's flashbacks]) American Beauty and The Sixth Sense certainly help.

Good Quote(s):

"I would listen to my heartbeat. I couldn't imagine that this sound which had been with me for so long could ever stop."-- Monsieur Mersault, The Stranger

"You were just babies in the war--like the ones upstairs! ...You'll pretend you were men instead of babies, and you'll be played in the movies by Frank Sinatra and John Wayne or some of those other glamorous, war-loving, dirty old men. And war will look just wonderful, so we'll have a lot more of them. And they'll be fought by babies like the babies upstairs."--Mary O'Hare, Slaughterhouse Five

That's about me in a small portion of my nutshell.

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Dec 21, 2003
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Hey, I'm Neptune.

I got into the DC world through Batman TAS. I saw half of "Old Wounds" and immediately became a Nightwing fan. He remains my favorite character, though I have branched out to other DC titles.

Recently, I started watching JL, and this show has got me hooked as well. I think Bruce Timm does a great job of making shows appeal to all ages.

I'm also an X-Men fan. Gambit's my favorite (as my buddy icon shows), and Rogue comes in right after him. Still pulling for more seasons of Evo.

I've got a bunch of story ideas floating around my head. I've actually started writing one of them, which I'm going to post here. I hope to get your feedback on the 3 chapters I've got so far. Hopefully, I'll cultivate more of these ideas running around my head in the next few weeks. I've got a profile under (neptune4747) if you want to check out any of my Evo fics.

In addition to writing, I love to draw. I've spit out a few JL/TAS pictures in the past week--I've been very inspired by Bruce Timm's animation style.

Well, I think that's it for me.


Why aren't you laughing?
Feb 2, 2002
Arkham Asylum
I've been gone for so long, half of you probably don't remember me.

I'm either called, Selena, Sel, or Joker, depending on what site you're visiting...the names are obviously because of my love for Ms. Kyle and of course The Joker...^_^

Favourite stories here? Bah! You couldn't ask me to list them all! There's almost nothing on this board that I won't read if you give me time. :D

Currently done stories? Just Batman: Illusions...
In the works? Batman Beyond: Apprentice and Batman: All in Good Fun...both of which I hope to have finished up some time soon now that I'm in the swing of things again.

Writing endlessly...When I'm not writing here, I'm running a full time RPG and FacFic site elsewhere simply because I fell inlove with them and wanted to devote all of my remaining freetime to them. ;)

Favourite characters? Joker, Batman, Catwoman, Flash, Spider-Man, Superman, Xavier, DareDevil...*goes on and on and on*

Though I've been told that I write Joker better than anyone...which is why I'm sticking to that in All in Good Fun. :p

*runs off to read back posts*



Marvel Animation Age Webmaster
Staff member
Apr 15, 2002
The Marvel Animation Age
My name is Amazing Spidey. I've posted here breifly in the past also under the name The Red Bird. Most of you will have seen me about, either at the DCU/Marvel boards which I moderate or a few of the other forums. I'm glad this thread was made as it was me who suggested to Steel that we start this thread, as I for one think it would make for a better board if we had a bit of an insight as to what people like to write and such before we read thier fan fics.

I've been known to write a few ideas out before, I would like to write some here, however, the usual supects, time and lack of creativity usually stop me. I often read a couple of the other fan fics, and I find most of them enjoyable. Some go over my head, whilst others often get me coming back to read more. While I would like to see more variation, paticullary some Superman and Teen Titans fan fics. I plan on writing both a Batman and a Superman fan fic, but as I never finish them I plan to write the whole thing out before I post. Hope you look forward to reading them, as much as I look forward to reading most of your work


Amazing Spidey


Do Unto Others...
Dec 24, 2003
Essex, England.
Hey guys,

I'm Juice and I've never really written fan fics before. However, I have had a go at writing books in the past and I'm generally regarded as a pretty talented writer (especially when it comes to horror or crime writing, although it's not really my taste.)
I have a host of well thought out and original characters to bring into whatever I write. My first fiction will almost certainly be Teen Titans and quite a few people I've met have complained that the show doesn't have enough characters. But rather than bring back Wonder Girl, Speedy or some other amazingly cliché and under nourished character I think I'll drop in my own heroes and villains.(For originality if nothing else.) Teen Titans in paticular seems to need a more counciling member, who the rest can relate to. Robin seems to take on that role right now, but he only ever talks to Starfire. It'd be nice if they had a sort of detective style character, with deep history and stuff... so I might drop in my Strife character who fits the bill. You'll probably hate him at first, but he grows on you.
I have to say that it was Batman who got me into this sort of stuff. I'm a massive fan and almost don't feel worthy to write fan fiction about him. But I've branched out into JLA, Teen Titans and a few other shows since.

I'm going to warn you guys now: if I write something, it'll never be concluded in less than three or four parts! Long, deep, complex and twisting plot lines are more my thing. :)

Take care y'all!


Jan 23, 2004
Miami Florida
sup, im supergirl (dont be fooled by the name, im a fan of WW not supergirl but i just wanted another name) im older then 14 and younger then 20, lol im kindof carfull on the internet so dont think i sound lame... my favorite shows are uh... lets think oh yeah JUSTICE LEAGUE, JL, JL, and ummm did i mention JL!!! my favorite characters are well wonderwoman, wonderwoman and more wonderwoman. im a female and have 3 birds, 3 toads, 2 sand crabs, and a dog, hes about 5 yrs old. this is my favorite site because's writers dont update a lot, and when u try to search for WW fanfictions, theres only like two. oh yeah and its nice to meet you all!:anime::anime::anime:

JLU Dude

Active Member
Jul 6, 2001
Hi. I'm Justice League Dude and as my username implies, I like Justice League. But I also happen to like Teen Titans, Static Shock & other DC stuff, (What I've seen of it); anime; Marvel Comics; sci-fi movies, and a few Disney shows (At this point namely Gargoyles and Kim Possible). I've just finished the first chapter of a JL/TT crossover called "The Legion" (Current seen at FF.Net, where I use the penname Actiondude), which I might post up here.


has nothing for nothing
Feb 24, 2004
Suburban Hell, CA
Hey all! Just a newbe checking in. I've been writing short stories and essays from the time I was in junior high. Reading is a good escape from everyday life and writing is the same, and more:D

A little about my self... hmmm. O.K. here it goes:
I work fulltime, and go to school fulltime as well. In my spare time (what little I have) I like to work on my cars, watch movies, and dabble in writing. I'm a combat veteran of the Marine Corps and thats about it. I've been reading some of these stories on the board and I'm liking em'. So I guess I'll write one too. I'm not a stranger to fanfiction, I've posted many stories on several other boards about lots of different things (anime, toons, characters from the recesses of my mind:rolleyes: ) So keep cranking out the stories and I'll keep reading them.
May 22, 2004
Yo Daddy Jesus!
i am kat_meditating. guess where my name comes from. teen titans. go figure. i was trying to join a raven only board but it was soooo confusing i let it drop. they wouldn't let me have the name raven_meditating so i subsituted raven for my nickname kat which is very close to my real name. ( you can figure out the rest) i liked the name so i kept it for this site.

i have posted a chapeter of the fan fic i am currently writing. it is called Code Lyoko: breathing. read it if you want please vote whether it is bad or good.

favorite shows- reboot( best show ever!) code lyoko, teen titans, home improvement(hehehehe)

favorite book- umm i guess anything written by robin mckinly( she writes fantasy) maybe the book "Beauty" or " the outlaws of sherwood"(ohh sad ending very sad)

fav food- spagetti! i cant even spell it.

pets- one cat named cashew( i didn't name him)lot of fish

fav fan fic on this site-umm i haven't read alot of course i like my own! :p
i also like the guys above what is his name pressurecooker? he has a good teen titan fan fic going.

my age- not telling i go to high school though! hehehhe ;)

ok i guese thats it for me

luv all of ya
kat_meditating ;)
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