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Oct 5, 2015
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Here's a thing i still don't understand.

In 2013, Reti Televisive Italiane ceded their library of cartoons and anime to Boing, a company co-owned by Turner.

Reti Televisive Italiane used to own many famous cartoons and anime, such as Doraemon, Dr. Slump (both now airing on Boing), Hamtaro, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and the list goes on, and gave them to Boing.

Why hasn't Turner thought of launching Toonami in Italy? nostalgia in Italy is huge, look at the comments for Hamtaro's theme song for example, half of them are written by people who miss this anime, while Hamtaro still airs in Italy, they air it when most people would be asleep.

I don't think rights are an issue, Most have been renewed and Doraemon has also aired on Boomerang, and Toonami being action-oriented isn't a problem, because as the Indian feed has showed, every Toonami is different.

Anime are still pretty popular in Italy, Dragon Ball Super had great ratings, so i don't understand why Turner wouldn't want to launch Toonami in Italy.
More French censorship:
Message at the end:
"Here are some examples of French and Western cartoons aired and repeated for over fifteen years on France 3, Canal J, Gulli or Boomerang.
Here, a two-second sequence of a Japanese anime.
"But... but that's not the same thing..."
-The honorless intelectuality of the censors of the French Audiovisual Landscape"