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Mar 2, 2009
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It would have made more sense if they actually rebranded the channel to Boomerang, rather than keeping the Toonami name. Also, CN India airs some classic CN shows, as well as POGO, which is also a Turner-owned kids channel.


May 25, 2010
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Well, I guess that instead of bringing back an old brand that lasted only a while they wanted to capitalize on an existing one. Easier than going through another launch. True, Toonami is associated by most people with anime and action. But there's no reason why they couldn't do what they did if they think it will work. Better than closing the channel entirely. And while it is true that CN/POGO India air a set of classic CN shows, it's only a small percent of content CN India originally aired in the 90s when it launched. After the City era rebrand most of that content left and in recent years it was absent from the market completely - not just classic CN originals, but also the old HB/RS/MGM/WB content. So even if this content on Toonami might seem weird for us, it's better than ignoring it. At least it now has a home and I can guarantee you many local nostalgic viewers will appreciate it, because it was missed.
I think I found the reason why Toonami IN rebranded:

India's market it huge, population-wise there is over a billion people living in it. From what I know, many of those families are conservative because those parents don't let their kids watch action shows because they seem to corrupt the minds of young children. Kind of like what happens here, but times 1000. And then there's the issue of families trying to pay less for not expanding their TV package to include "corrupted" programming from abroad.

Toonami India's audience consisted mainly of teens and young adults. It had only one competitor, Animax, which was shut down in April and was replaced by a new channel with broad appeal, Sony YAY!, and at the time of Animax's closure, it was only available on Tata SKY. Animax was derided by most of the Indian society because "anime is not good for kids" yet it was on the kids section of Tata SKY, partly because it used to have a kids block in Hindi. When Portugal had Animax it was on the entertainment section of all providers.

And now, Toonami is catering the exact same demographic with shows they remember from their childhood, the notable exception being The Looney Tunes Show from 2011.


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