International Nickelodeon Thread Part 9

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Sep 9, 2013
Nick India is proof that kids there want Asian content first and foremost. It also makes me believe that because of them, their viewing tastes are weird and don't prefer American content.

Sort of reminds me of the days shows like Knight Rider were popular because that was the available content before cable arrived.

BTW, I have a surprise for you later today!
What surprise?
As mentioned on the General International TV Channels thread: Viacom acquires the remaining 50% of Italian DTT kids channel Super!. De Agostini will still contribute their content to the channel.

Vaughn Max

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Sep 10, 2017
Nick India has completed 20 years yesterday, with an interesting history they want you to forget.

Initially it launched on 16 October 1999 and was just like any other international Nickelodeon channel, however the ratings were not satisfactory. After Viacom18 launched and took over the channel, things went downhill from there. 90% of the daily schedule was focused on third party shows, mainly Japanese and a neglected Nick Jr. block. They also didn't show any sitcoms other than Drake and Josh. Several Nick toons were completely ignored like Fairly Odd Parents.

They were one of the last ones to rebrand with the new Nick logo on 25 June 2010, and that was the beginning of local toons. Keymon Ache in 2011, Motu Patlu in 2012, Pakdam Pakdai in 2013, Shiva in 2015, Gattu Battu in 2017, Rudra in 2018 and Golmaal Junior in 2019. As they found success from these shows, they eventually stopped caring about American shows altogether. Sonic which was originally an action channel was turned into another local "niche" channel.

In 2012 Nick Jr. finally got attention again and got its own channel, and teen shows at night. Sadly, the teen shows were dropped in 2017.
In 2015 Nick HD+ was launched and initially they just showed the same content as the other channels. Finally in 2018 they have sort of listened to some of the complaints and turned it into 24/7 international channel, with most shows coming from the international Nick toons library.

They probably won't do any celebration like CN did since it was initially a failure.

Oh and how could I forget the D se Dab that went viral in 2017?
Ironically Motu Patlu launched on Nick India's 13th anniversary. Also at least the night schedule was good until May 2012

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