International Nickelodeon Thread Part 7

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Jan 22, 2011
Disney UK used to air Eddie McDowd and Caitlin's Way.
The main reason why these shows aired on Disney UK was that both shows' international rights were owned by Fireworks Entertainment which was later acquired by ContentMedia who were in turn acquired by KEW Media in early 2017 (

Over here, both shows (lectored!) had only two runs in TVP2 in years 2003-2004 during the unbranded "Dwójka Dzieciom" block on weekdays at ca. 07:15 in the morning. TVP2 aired only the first 20 eps. of Eddie McDownd and first 26 eps. of "Caitlin's Way". The former show later aired in Poland on KidsCo CEE (only the first season) and ZigZap (all episodes). Both shows aired in those channels also in voiceover versions.
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