International Nickelodeon Thread Part 5

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Nick Mick

I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!
Jan 2, 2018
Attiki, Greece
Tomorrow will be the day of the Three Holy Hierarchs, and to celebrate it every year, there won't be school, and plus we do 2-hour divine services! And so, Nickelodeon Greece released a trailer for that. I will see if I can upload it tomorrow.

Also, I want to talk about the SpongeBob Gold event, SpongeBob's Spooktacular Halloween, because, wellll... just to inform. In my country, unlike the two previous events, this one got almost no promotion at all (only the trailer aired once or twice, judging from my recordings), and it got a lot of promotion only the day it premiered. Also, there were no bumpers or screen bugs (it was like watching a simple marathon), and the halloween episode DIDN'T PREMIERE!!!

Red Arrow

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Oct 22, 2012
Francisque is going to hate this. MTV always uses English words here, since English is cooler than Dutch. This was rather unusual during the Anubis special.
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