International Nickelodeon thread part 11


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viacom18 and sony failed merger remind me about this, who remember when nick india was infamous for its nick dab meme, i thought this is better than nick us being rad in my opinion
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I don't think a TeenNick is feasible, in the UK

OK they're making Nickelodeon UK more varied, but most of the schedule consists of "TeenNick" stuff already; plus obviously they have a Nicktoons on the same package as Nickelodeon UK

And Viacom UK has been closing down some of the minor channels, as of lately

Plus, it'd be an impoverishment of content

I think they're having currently the best strategy around in Europe, certainly better than the bor.. I mean German team


There a Are you afraid of the dark ad bumper on CEE now.
Pluto TV Spain is only on Mobile right now and here is what is has in terms of Viacom content

Dedicated Channels
Go Diego Go
Blue's Clues(Cinearte dub)
Big Time Rush

Star Falls
Planet Sheen
The Day Henry Met
Sanjay and Craig
Bucket and Skinner
There might be more shows
and they have MTV Channels
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No major news: not sure about Nick CEE operations, but starting in November (probably for the "holiday" season) the main Nick Poland channel, except after 8pm, schedules all of its shows at half hour and at the top of the hour (dayparting), similar to Disney Channel Poland

It makes much more sense, even if that means increased advertising and fillers (they can only show adverts between shows, not inside of them), up to the 12 minutes advertising maximum

Hopefully they'll make sense and they'll keep this scheduling throughout all the year; unlike DC Poland
CN Poland should move in a similar direction too

The Polish TV market is relatively advertising friendly, and it makes sense, with this type of scheduling being adopted by many TV networks there


CEE countdown...

Not thought out entirely. Should at least have countdown on the right.

Also no next bumper.
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I'm kinda disappointed...they've cuted the most interesting parts in AYAOTD and censored it... and this confirms that CEE's target audience is only's not like USA - where the channel is family friendly and their target audience kids & ADULTS...


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