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May 25, 2010
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I haven't seen a thread like this here anywhere, so I'll give it a shot. We all know what's Disney Channel in the US like...

But what's Disney Channel like elsewhere around the world?

Well, from what I've seen and from what I know, I will try to tell you and you can then add something or comment if you want. How does that sound? I hope you will appreciate it and maybe make it sticky, because it took more well over 2 hours to put together (it's not copy/paste, but actually written by me). Cheers!

Disney Channel Czech Republic - One of the more recent Disney Channels. Has been launched on September 19th, 2009, replacing Jetix.

Picture format is 4:3, although widescreen is in the works and planned for later on.

What is interesting is the schedule. Since they don't have Playhouse Disney, nor Disney XD in the Czech Republic yet, all of that programming is shown on Disney Channel. Shows which are currently airing: Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance, Good Luck Charlie, Jonas, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, Zeke and Luther, Aaron Stone, K-9, H2O: Just add water, I'm in the band, Kid vs. Kat, Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, Phineas and Ferb, Totally Spies, Jungle Junction, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, Stoked, Fairly Odd Parents, The Owl, Jimmy Two-Shoes, Emperor's New School, Monster Buster Club, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Pokémon: DP: Galactic Battles. They have a lot of premieres quite often.

As for the on-air packaging, it looks more less the same like in other countries, although they have started airing summer bumpers from the US (It's on!) with the new logo. The Czech Disney Channel should get the new logo sometime around fall this year, possibly for the 1st anniversary. They also use the "You are watching Disney Channel" bumpers, but they are cut without the people actually speaking, because these haven't been dubbed yet.

Shows are shown dubbed in Czech language. The feed is shared with Slovakia and Hungary with optional English and Hungarian audio tracks.

Disney Channel Germany - Was launched October 16th, 1999. Germany has a seperate Disney XD and Playhouse Disney channel, so the Disney Channel over there is focused mainly on original Disney production.

Programming includes: Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance, Good Luck Charlie, Jonas, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Suite Life on Deck, Wizards of Waverly Place, Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, Lilo & Stitch, The Replacements, Famous 5: On Case.

The new logo is used in some bumpers and some promos. The german Disney Channel does the "Disney Channel Games". Picture format is still 4:3, with a switch to 16:9 probably soon to follow. Shows are shown dubbed in German language.

Disney Channel Greece - The Greek Disney Channel was launched on November 7th, 2009 and a seperate Disney XD channel exists as well.

The programming includes regular original Disney Channel series (Hannah Montana, etc.), but in addition also has shows like I Got a Rocket!, Famous 5: On Case, Phil of the Future, Mouse of House and the Classics (Mickey, Donald, Pluto, etc.)

A HD version of the channel will be launched this year (1080i). Shows are shown mostly in Greek or in English with Greek subtitles.

Disney Channel Israel - Was launched September 9th, 2009.

Programming includes Disney shows like: As The Bells Rings, Aladdin, The Legend of Tarzan, Phineas and Ferb, Suite Life on Deck, but also non Disney Channel originals like Jimmy Two-Shoes, Ying Yan Yo!, Aaron Stone.

Formerly they also used to air shows like: Samurai Pizza Cats, Sonic X, Shaman King, X-Men, Spider-man, Power Rangers, Voltron, Digimon, Iron Man, Pucca, Dennis the Menace, The Smurfs.

Shows are aired in Hebrew or sometimes in English with Hebrew subtitles.

Disney Channel Japan - Was launched on 18th November, 2003. In Japan they also have Disney XD, which airs most of the non-original programming, whereas channel Disney airs most of the originals.

Some of the more interesting programming includes: Stitch!, TUGS, Sabrina: Animated Series, JoJo's Circus, That's So Raven, Bunnytown, Thomas and Friends, Mortified, Brian O' Brian and more.

For their 5th anniversary they've had the Disney Channel stars from the US wish them a Happy Birthday.

Shows air dubbed in Japanese for the most part.

Disney Channel Netherlands - The Dutch version was launched on October 3rd, 2009. For some time it was exclusively only on UPC Digital, but was later added by most cable operators.

On January 1st, 2010
, Disney XD Netherlands was launched, replacing former Jetix. Since April 15th, Disney XD is broadcasting also in HD.

Broadcasted shows on Disney Channel apart from originals include: Casper's Scare School, The Tofus, Famous 5: On Case, W.I.T.C.H., A Kind of Magic, Stoked, Buzz on Magie and others.

Shows are shown dubbed in Dutch or in English with Dutch subtitles.

Disney Channel Russia - Disney Channel Russia is yet to be launched. After postponing the launch date a few times, the channel will replace Jetix on August 10th, 2010.

The on-air package will be exclusive to Russia and will include adapted and translated logos of shows written in Azbuka.

Programming apart from Disney originals like As the Bell Rings, I'm in the Band, Suite Life on Deck, Lilo & Stitch, On Line!, Disney 365, etc., will include: Zeke and Luther, Victorious, Johnny Test and others.

Disney Channel Spain - Began broadcasting in 1998 and replaced a local tv station on July 1st, 2008 in digital terrestrial broadcast (DVB-T). Disney XD exists here as well.

Thus, Disney Channel Spain became the first Disney Channel in the world to air open and free.

Shows include: Stitch!, Recess, The Proud Family, Sabrina: Animated Series, Johnny Test, Boy Meets World, Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures, as well as famous Disney Channel originals.

It's one of the few Disney Channels in Europe so far to broadcast in widescreen (16:9) format.

A HD feed (1080i) will be launched in September 2010.

Shows are shown dubbed in Spanish.

Disney Channel Scandinavia - Disney Channel Scandinavia was launched on February 28th, 2003. In 2004 the channel started broadcasting also through DVB-T (over the air). The channel operates in most Nordic countries and Baltic states. Playhouse Disney was launched in 2006, followed by Disney XD in 2009.

Most of the live-action shows are shown in English with subtitles and only a handful of them are actually dubbed. Animated programming is mostly dubbed into Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish with optional audio tracks.

Disney Channel in Scandinavia is advertising-free.

Recently the channel has started using the new logo in its bumpers and promos.

That's all folks! I hope you've enjoyed it! Feel free to post comments! Thanks for reading!
All the information posted is valid since July 2010.
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Jul 5, 2010
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I'm from Denmark (Scandinavia). Nice re-cap, we also have Toon Disney though.
I was very happy when Disney first arrived since our other cartoon channels had become too repetitive, so it was nice to see something new.
Now it's just dull. A lot of live-action series, a couple cartoons they have re-runned 5-6 times, 2 cartoons that used to air on another channel.
Rarely watched Playhouse and I haven't found anything interesting about XD. Sadly, we never had Toon Disney in our home but looking at the schedule, it wouldn't be much of a contribution.

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Mar 22, 2009
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"The Legend of Tarzan", "Kim Possible", "The Replacements", foreign countries get all the breaks!

...The Replacements airs on ABC Kids, Gargoyles airs on Disney XD, The Legend of Tarzan airs on Disney XD, and Emperor's New School airs on Disney XD but other then that no other cartoons that may appeal to my eye air on Disney here in the USA anymore. So i have to agree..foreign countries get all the luck these days. Especially since all the cartoons besides The Replacements on ABC Kids air on Disney XD late at night.
Nov 10, 2009
Disney Channel UK don't show much animation any more. Phineas and Ferb is their main show. Recess, Kim Possible and The Replacements also air, but only late at night or early morning. Live-action wise, the normal stuff you would expect to find, and That's So Raven and Phil of the Future are still airing.

Disney XD does have more animation by way of Phineas and Ferb, Pokemon (newer seasons + newer films only, older series + films air on CN), Spiderman, X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Kid vs Kat, Jimmy Two Shoes, Dinosaur King, Galactic Football, Kick Buttowski, Chaotic, Iron Man, Stoked and Total Drama Island up until recently.


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Jan 22, 2011
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Disney Channel Poland was launched on 2nd December 2006, but fully local version we begin to have since August 2010. Previously it was dubbed version of Disney Channel Middle East

Picture format is 4:3.

Current programming on schedule: Hannah Montana, Jonas L.A., Sonny with a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place, H2O: Just Add Water, Phineas and Ferb, Jake and Blake, Good Luck, Charlie, Kim Possible, The Replacements, The Fairly OddParents (only seasons 1-4) The Emperor's New School (late at night), Stitch!, As the Bell Rings Poland, A Kind of Magic, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Special Agent Oso, Imagination Movers, Jungle Junction, Timmy Time and Have a Laugh

Previous programming: American Dragon: Jake Long, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, The Buzz on Maggie, Quack Pack, Lilo and Stitch: The Series, Smart Guy, Boy Meets World, Phil of the Future, Cory in the House, That's So Raven, Recess, House of Mouse, Goof Troop, Fillmore!, The Legend of Tarzan, Lloyd in Space, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Suite Life on Deck (moved to Disney XD), I Got a Rocket, Famous Five on the CaseStanley, JoJo's Circus, Little Einsteins, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Higglytown Heroes and Bunnytown

Programming coming soon: Shake it Up (29.01.2011), Fish Hooks (sneak peek premiered 15.01.2011, offical premiere in Poland in February 2011)

Playhouse Disney Poland was launched on 01st September 2010.
Programming in this channel is: Mickey Mouse Clubhosue, Handy Manny, Jungle Junction, Special Agent Oso, Imagination Movers, Timmy Time, JoJo's Circus, Higglytown Heroes, Little Einsteins and LazyTown.

Disney XD Poland was launched on 19th September 2009 by replacing Jetix Poland.

Current programming: American Dragon: Jake Long, The Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Suite Life on Deck, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, Marvel's Super Hero Squad Show, Phineas and Ferb, Zeke and Luther, Arron Stone, Connor Undercover, K9, Escape from Scorpion Island, Pokemon DP: Galactic Batlles, Pair of Kings, Kid vs Kat, Spiderman (1994 series), I'm in the Band and Have a Laugh


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Sep 11, 2010
Disney Channel Latin America is not on the basic cable package, it's on the premium package. I think the picture is 4:3.

Current shows: Hannah Montana Forever, Suite Life On Deck, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Sonny With A Chance, Good Puck Charlie, Jonas L.A., Phineas & Ferb, Fish Hooks, Consentidos, Stitch!

Ended Shows Still on Schedule: Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Emperor's New School, The Replacements, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Lilo & Stitch The Series and American Dragon Jake Long.

Show To Premiere: Shake It Up (February)

Also have this block called Zapping Zone hosted by some guys with games, Disney shows, videoclips & original stuff.
Disney Channel Latin America is not on the basic cable package, it's on the premium package. I think the picture is 4:3.

Current shows: Hannah Montana (Forever), Suite Life On Deck, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Sonny With A Chance, Good Luck Charlie, JONAS L.A., Phineas and Ferb, Fish Hooks, Consentidos, Stitch!

Ended Shows Still on Schedule: Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Emperor's New School, The Replacements, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Lilo & Stitch The Series and American Dragon Jake Long.

Show To Premiere: Shake It Up (February)

Also have this block called Zapping Zone hosted by some guys with games, Disney shows, videoclips & original stuff.
the Brazilian version of Disney Channel (part of DC LA) is a basic, ad-supported channel, with basically the same programming as DC LA, only in Portuguese, and with a local version of Zapping Zone, with Brazilian talent, but still produced in Argentina (where Disney's Latin American production hub is based). also, there's an HD simulcast, in 16:9 (but the SD channel remains 4:3).


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Jan 22, 2011
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A year and almost nine months have passed after my last post in this thread, so I post here what's the current programming on Disney Channel Poland this month:

Current programming: Fish Hooks, Austin and Ally, Wizards of Waverly Place, Phineas and Ferb, Hannah Montana, Jessie, Kim Possible, A.N.T. Farm, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Suite Life on Deck, Good Luck Charlie, Sonny with a Chance, Shake it Up, The Replacements, So Random, Recess, DuckTales, Stitch!, A Kind of Magic, H2O: Just Add Water, My Babysitter's a Vampire, Totally Spies, Do dzwonka (Polish adaption of "As the Bell Rings"), Art Attack, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Mini Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Have a Laugh!

And the picture format is still 4:3. :(

Now, I'll show how looked the graphics in Disney Channel Poland (at the time it shared the feed with Disney Channel Middle East, which had at the time the same schedule as Disney Channel Scandinavia) that were used until June 2007.

The "coming-up-next" elevator (with examples):

These popped-up in the bottom-right corner two minutes before the end of show. I'll note that Kuzco image was used for "The Emperor's New School", and that Goofy image was used for "Goof Troop".

Here's how looked the credits squeeze. Note: These didn't appear during episodes of show that have a scene during credits.:


And here's how looked the credits squeeze in "Disney Channel Primetime" block in 2006-2007:


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Jan 22, 2011
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Sorry for the double post, but I have something to tell about the recent news for Disney Channel Poland.
Just recently (since the 11th March) the Disney Junior block went on hiatus and it was replaced with reruns of older Disney series + The Fairly OddParents and the W.I.T.C.H. TV series (and also Totally Spies until the end of March). The only thing from "Disney Junior on Disney Channel" block that is still on air is Tales of Friendship with Winnie the Pooh (It is aired as regular DC programming). Jungle Cubs (previously broadcast in Poland on TVP1 during the Walt Disney Przedstawia block in 2002) and Teacher's Pet (the Polish dub was made in circa 2003-2004) started airing on Disney Channel Poland from 25th March 2013. Also Adventures of the Gummi Bears started airing on this channel on weekdays at 07.15 CET and on weekends at 07.05 CET starting from 1st April 2013.

I also notice that the prints of majority of Jungle Cubs episodes that air on DC Poland have got Swedish, Norwegian and Danish credits after the original credits and before the logos, while the prints of three episodes of "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" that I could confirm (A New Beginning, A Gummi In A Gilged Cage, The Secret Of The Juice) airing on the same channel have the Arabic, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish credits before the Walt Disney Television/Buena Vista International logo combo.
Disney Channel Portugal
It began broadcasting on November 28th, 2001 as a pay network. It aired their classic movies and theatrical shorts, DCOMs and cartoons from the Disney Renassaince era (mostly from The Disney Afternoon). They also aired their first live-action shows. In 2003 they changed their logo like most international DCs that existed at the time. On October 1st 2008, Disney Cinemagic was launched, followed a few months later by an HD simulcast. This made Disney Channel a free channel on all cable networks (i have ZON and I only got the channel in 2008). This new channel migrated all classics to the new channel. Disney Cinemagic was replaced with Disney Junior on November 1st, 2012. We never had a Disney XD (or a Jetix or a Fox Kids) over here in Portugal. Some DXD shows are relayed on SIC and Disney Channel. By the way, SIC aired JTS from August to around November of 2011, and it never aired on Disney Channel. Portugal never had airings of Kick Buttowski (though when i got Super RTL i got my hands on watching an episode of this in German) or Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Despite the launch of Disney Junior, DC Portugal still has a Disney Junior on Disney Channel block (when DJ first launched on June 1st 2011, so replacing Playhouse Disney, there was a marathon of it with new shows) on weekdays between 9 and 12 and on weekends between 7 and 10. I guess so...
Currently on DC Portugal: Phineas and Ferb, Rekkit Rabbit, Timon and Pumbaa, The Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Austin and Ally, Shake it Up, Kickin' It, Dog With a Blog, A.N.T. Farm, Lab Rats, Good Luck Charlie, JESSIE, The Suite Life on Deck, Pair of Kings, Jungle Junction, Casper's Scare School, Atomic Betty, The Famous 5: On the Case, Didou, Art Attack, Jake and the Pirates of Neverland, Mickey Mouse Playhouse, The Emperor's New School and The Jungle Book.
Formerly they aired W.I.T.C.H., Fish Hooks, Bunnytown, Handy Manny (currently airing on Disney Junior and, oddly enough RTP 2 o_O), The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzzie McGuire (sadly subtitled), The Saddle Club, Pirate Island: Get in the Game, Dance Academy, H2O: Just Add Water, and other Disney Afternoon shows.
General note: Yes, DC Portugal is fine, it airs nice shows but i don't like their overnight schedule. They should fill it with DC original shows instead. This channel airs a lot of third-party shows, mostly overnight.
In the past few years, they aired some of Jonathan M. Shiff's own shows. They no longer air Fish Hooks (,o_O,), sorry...
The channel's picture format is 16:9. The switch happened in May 2012.
Also the channel is broadcast to some portuguese-speaking contries in Africa: on ZAP in Angola and Mozambique together with sister channel Disney Junior, DSTV in the two aforementioned countries in a special package for the benefit of both countries, and in Cape Verde on CV Multimédia. It also happens with other pay TV channels here in Portugal.
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Jan 22, 2011
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Gawrsh! Disney Channel Turkey will premiere Darkwing Duck on 15th June. Goof Troop returns on this day in this feed too. And by "returns" I mean, that Goof Troop was last time seen in Turkey on 10th August 2008 (at the time Turkey received Disney Channel Middle East like Poland until 31st July 2010). I still wonder which Darkwing Duck and which Goof Troop episodes retain their Scandinavian and/or Arabic credits on their prints:

Slightly off-top trivia: If you don't know, how did the Goof Troop Arabic and Scandinavian credits on Disney Channel looked like here are the screens:

Disney Channel Russia is the Russian version of Disney Channel, obviously. It also airs in Belarus, the Caucasus and Central Asia (the Baltics take the Nordic one, with an extra Russian audio track).
Disney Channel Russia began broadcasting on August 10th, 2010, with its initial broadcast being Finding Nemo. It replaced Jetix. Until then, Disney shows aired either on Channel One (they still air like, one Disney Junior show there) and STS. The Russian version of Jetix also aired in Ukraine until its end, where it was replaced with the Romanian/Bulgarian feed. Anyway, back to Russia.
The channel became a major national network on December 31st, 2011, becoming the second DC to do so. It changed its on-screen name to "Disney Kanal" (with Kanal being written in Cyrillic, obviously...) and replaced "Seven", a money-troubling channel. From then on, the channel was allowed to play the President of the Russian Federation's new year speech, followed by the national anthem, a series of short shorts called "History of Disney in Russia", and, oddly enough, a weather forecast. As well as airing DC, DJ, and DXD shows, they also air some ABC Family shows such as Jane by Design, and, oddly enough, Hope and Faith, a sitcom that aired on ABC. With these oddities, DC Russia now looks a lot less like a children's channel and a lot like a more general network (like Disney Japan's satellite network DLife).
The channel's schedule is located here:
Disney Channel Turkey
It began broadcasting on April 27th, 2007. The channel got an independent, Turkish license under the holding name "DISNEY TELEVİZYON YAYINCILIK A.Ş." in 2011. The channel started free broadcasting on January 12th 2012... but differently. Instead of going terrestrial, the channel went free-to-air on Turksat satellites. With the launch, a new, colored, on-screen logo bug appeared.
According to the Turkish Wikipedia, it was the second DC to go free. This is a complete lie. Russia became the second country to have a free version of Disney Channel. Turkey is the third but not the third to go terrestrial.
Apart from the main channel, there are also two pay TV channels: local versions of Disney Junior and Disney XD.
The scedule is basically what you may expect from a typical Eastern European DC.
Disney Channel Serbia
Don't have any info on that, I believe that this is actually DC CZ/SK/HU but only in English. There's a separate Disney XD for the Adriatic countries, but it's sadly subtitled in Serbian.


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Jan 22, 2011
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Disney Channel Middle East
The Channel was launched on 2nd April 1997 on Orbit. At first, it was avalaible only in English, but on 1st April 1998 the Arabic service was added. (Cartoons were dubbed, while the live-action shows and most of live-action movies were subtitled) The channel was then added to Showtime in Fall 2001. The channel featured the logos (resembling Mickey Mouse head) in two versions (the one with the channel's name written in English and the other in Arabic) until June 2003 when it adopted the 2002 US Disney Channel logo.

It's interesting to note that Disney Channel Middle East was managed by Disney Channel Asia in Singapore until December 2004, when Disney probably realized that Middle East is "part" of Europe and after that it became managed in United Kingdom.

In consequence, on 3rd January 2005 Disney Channel Middle East adopted the Scandinavian feed's schedule and the prints of the series and movies for this feed (modified to feature also Arabic dub credits). Then on November/December 2005 Disney Channel Scandinavia and Middle East started to put dub credits to the series and movies through subtitles.

Disney Channel Scandinavia and Middle East started gradually becoming individual feeds in 2006 starting with different rotation of films (that gets more different as the time goes by), yet that didn't stop Orbit to put the Swedish service on 16th April 2007 (according to Wikipedia). The Middle Eastern feed became the sort-of Pan-European feed as the channel was launched in South Africa on 25th September 2006, in Poland on 2nd December 2006 (gained its own feed on 1st August 2010) on Turkey on 29th April 2007 (it gained its own feed on 12th January 2012) and on Greece on 7th November 2009.

In Fall 2009, when the feed seperation from Scandinavian one was complete, the Disney Channel Middle East feed started to share promotions and events with Disney Channel CEE.

Disney Channel Middle Easts Arabic dubs were done mostly by the Egyptian studios with some work done in Lebanese studios for example:

  • Eko Sound - most of early Disney movies, Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers, Goof Troop, Jungle Cubs, Mickey Mouse and Friends (after January 2005 the individual shorts were shown under the name "Classic Cartoons"), Mickey Mouse Works, Recess (later seasons with Image), Timon and Pumbaa
  • Image (it used Egyptian actors) - Bear in the Big Blue House, Open Sesame, Recess (later seasons with Eko Sound)
  • Media Concepts - DuckTales, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Quack Pack)
  • Video 2000 - f. e. Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Kim Possible (season 4 only), Lilo and Stitch: The Series, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, Recess (first seasons), Phineas and Ferb (season 1 only)
  • Neo Productions - f.e. American Dragon: Jake Long, Bear in the Big Blue House (later seasons), Disney's Animal World, House of Mouse (season 3), Teamo Supremo, The Emperor's New School
  • B&I - f.e. House of Mouse (season 1-2), The Legend of Tarzan
  • Masreya Media - f.e. most of Disney's newer movies, Phineas and Ferb (starting from season 2)
  • Filmali (the Lebanese studio using Lebanese actors) - Kim Possible (season 1-2), Dave the Barbarian, Fillmore!, Lloyd in Space
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