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Disney Channel Spain used to air AFV. It's okay, though, since it's an ABC show and Disney Channel Spain, since it's on DTT, is not for children, it's for FAMILIES.
America's Funniest Home Videos also used to air on Disney Channel Middle East (which never went terrestrial) and it still aired during the feed's last independent month (December 2004, in the next it merged with the Scandinavian feed): Showtime Arabia - Kids & Family - Brings you the best in Entertainment

Here's an incomplete Disney Channel Spain continuity from 2006 (featuring an also incomplete, CN-esque music video-styled promo):

and a Toon Disney Spain continuity:


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Disney Channel UK should show Miraculous late at night in French with English subtitles for people who want that.


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Puppy Dog Pals returns to Disney Channel India at 7:30am, and Vampirina will be premiering on Disney Junior India next week at 1pm
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Disney XD Japan will premiere Star Wars Resistance on 9 December. Here's a Japanese poster:


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Puppy Dog Pals returns to Disney Channel India at 7:30am, and Vampirina will be premiering on Disney Junior India next week at 1pm
Disney Junior India's finally getting a new show? That's unexpected since it's like Nick Pakistan with mostly old shows

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Here’s next week's schedule on DC Korea. There are new episodes of Robot Train S2 (Network Premiere), Katuri (Network Premiere), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Network Premiere), Mickey and the Roadster Racers (Season 2 Network Premiere), PriPara (Network Premiere), Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Mahou no Kagami, Big Hero 6: The Series and Marvel's Spider-Man (Season 1 Finale). Also there are reruns of Gravity Falls (Season 2; actually started on this Wednesday) and Peg + Cat which replaces Zip Zip. And for unknown reason, they'll air A Bug's Life four(!) times next week.

As I promised in my last post, here are some of Next bumpers with Mickey in Seoul graphics. Actually I had a confusion that all Next bumpers have the graphics but later I found that only the bumpers of certain shows have that. Also I've got a Rating bumper for 7 featuring Itaewon.

Finally, DC Korea is currently airing DC US' spot of Christopher Robin, which opened in Korean theaters October 3 under the title of Winnie the Pooh: Happy to Meet Again (곰돌이 푸 다시 만나 행복해), with subtitles and there's something they've ignored to edit which isn't apply here in Korea. Can you spot it?
Since when did Peg+Cat aired on Disney channel?


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I wonder why DC Turkey didn't put the Turkish-translated episode title as a subtitle?

Only the Turkish title can be found from the schedule on the Disney Channel Turkey website:

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DC PT stopped airing movies.

Now I hope we will have the channel's worst Halloween and Christmas ever. They used to be good at it, that's what made Disney Channel so special.


Freaky Friday premiered yesterday on CZHU without any bumpers and even without "new" bug which they have stopped using for premieres months ago. They do a bug for the premiere, but otherwise nothing as basic things don't work. Disappointing inconsistency.

I'm curious wheter we'll get Halloween graphics on Monday finally or if it will be next Monday for just few days.


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Some decent Vietnamese localized promos for DC Asia (made by TV, not Disney themselves, so don't expect a feed split). They are pretty ok and look better than other channels' (note that the promos are re-voice-overed DC Asia promos) (might or might not require VPN)


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Guys, I just saw a censorship on DC Korea and that's just INSANE. :mad: It's from episode 110 of Big Hero 6: The Series titled "Food Fight" and they blurred 'certain things' throughout the episode, even I heard the name of that 'certain things' in Korean. And because of that, the episode is rated 12 while other episodes of the series are rated 7. I had enough of that censorship to record the first part and upload it to my Google Drive.
@animegamer, did the censorship happen on DC Asia? I watched the episode before on the DXD UK stream and has no censorship at all.

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