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Jun 5, 2017
I've heard of Tom Swift. He was kinda like a kid Thomas Edison; he had a lot of cool ideas, & a large team of developers which could make them reality. Fun, but I don't like the sound of the series.

A TV show about kids remaking the Goonies... How long is the Goonies? 2 Hours? That would give them About 60 scenes, assuming the average scene is 2 minutes long. Make 60 episodes about the weird adventures the kids have trying to create each scene. Pad it with some over arching plot about the lead actress's back ground, & there ya go.


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The internet explodes today...Get ready for the trailer of a lifetime.
today is the day of the Mario movie trailer
I know this is nerdy pedantry but it bug me when writers refer to cartoons that aired in Prime Time or Syndication as "Saturday Morning Cartoons". I don't expect the average person to know/care, but when you're writing an article or a video essay? Come on, you should get that right.
Oh hey today is my 8th anniversary here, I regret sometimes not making my account sooner, since I knew about this place as early as 2012. Anyhow time sure flies.
Posting less going well. No warnings for anything so I think the board agrees. Still present for everything and DO read what you guys say. But if I see something I don't like I keep my damn mouth shut. It's for the best.

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