Ideas for Toon Heads/12 Missing Hares

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KrAzY KaT has been found
May 3, 2001
Somewhere in NYC!!!
I was giving it some thought about this possible (If AOL/Time Warner & CARTOON NETWORKallows it) Toon Heads/"Twelve Missing Hares"special during the "Censored June Bugs Marathon" next week....Here are some ideas

1.Make this an hour long special

2.Air the program at 11pm as a way to end JB..."You Know", save the best for last

3. Present four complete cartoons (Just like the upcoming TH War cartoons special) and the rest filled with clips

4.This would be the way for CARTOON NETWORK to owe it to the entire millions of cartoon fans, that were looking foward to seeing these rare BUGS BUNNY cartoons...

Any suggestions my fellow toon heads???
Let me know!


Rabbit of Tomorrow!
Apr 25, 2001
I like it, here are the 4 cartoons I would choose:

Mississippi Hare
Frigid Hare
Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt
Bushy Hare

They have a nice variety of racial "stereotypes", but are the mildest of the batch (and they're showing "Herr meets Hare" on another Toonheads, so let's not show it twice), I almost chose "What's Cookin' Doc?" so there would be something from each director, but it uses excerpts from Hiawatha, and it can be seen occasionally on Bob Clampett, I believe.

I still believe they should show the "12 missing hares", they have every right to, and originally were to do it in a VERY responsible manner (late at night, with disclaimers).



KrAzY KaT has been found
May 3, 2001
Somewhere in NYC!!!
Excellent choice my friend, but mine would be a little bit daring..

Here would be my four:

1. All This And Rabbit Stew

2. Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt

3. Which Is Witch?

4. Frigid Hare

"Herr Meets Hare" will be shown complete on Jerry Beck's TOON HEADS:THE WARTIME CARTOONS special, on July 1st
Apr 30, 2001
Mount Kisco, NY
I would suggest...

To be on the safe side, air it from 2-3am on June 3.

Complete (or slightly edited) cartoons would be:
Mississippi Hare
Frigid Hare
Bushy Hare
Horse Hare
and clips from all the others

The cartoons themselves would not be interrupted, however their historical importance would be explained before they start.
May 2, 2001
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Originally posted by kiddiesunshine
Weren't channels able to air Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt a couple of years ago? I remember seeing that one back in Chicago when WPWR had Bugs Bunny cartoons. It's the one with the Indian with the big nose, right?
Actually, until about 3 or 4 years ago, a local Fox station aired a show entitled Bugs Bunny and Friends that showed all of pre-1948 Bugs cartoons except for All This and Rabbit Stew and the Bugs Bunny Bond Rally. They were shown mostly uncut, too. They even showed the uncut Fresh Hare with the blackface ending intact. Also featured were other pre-1948 uncut WB's such as Cross Country Detours, I Taw a Putty Tat, etc. Luckily I taped most of them, but I wish that it still aired. :(

I got lucky and got All This and Rabbit Stew on a public domain tape about 7 years ago. It's in great shape, too.

But, yes, that cartoon has the Indian with the big nose.

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