I was a speed racer fan that came on Saturday afternoons

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Jan 22, 2017
My name is Jim and I was a big speed racer fan when it first came on in Indianapolis back in the early 70s on one of our old UHF television stations. I was always intrigued with the stories and artwork for the cartoon. I guess that was my early introduction to anime and my eventual fascination with the anime cartoon Robo Tech that came along in later years. I loved the speed racer cartoon but hated the movie...lol


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Hey there. I want to ask something. For "Streamtopia", since preschool shows aren't talked about online that much, I'm thinking of creating 2 cumulative threads for Netflix and Amazon's preschool shows so that any news can just be posted there instead of individual threads. May I have permission to post them?
Happy 20th birthday to PPG. Even in the good times and the bad times, you're still a show worth watching.
Holy smokes! Churned out 15 freaking pages of the latest Gilda and Meek today! I am in the freaking zone and so happy with how things are going in the final issue I will be posting on Toon Zone.
Happy 90th birthday to Mickey, 20th birthday to PPG, and 30th birthday to LBT & O&C.
Happy 20th Birthday to the one, the only... THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!