I think that there's a type of show that needs to be explored...


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...Fish Hooks-type shows where all the characters are mermaids/mermen. I liked writing fake articles yesterday (such as Fish Hooks being renewed for, like millions of seasons and the characters becoming merpeople in season 3). If FH should do that, I think fans will say that is when the show "jumped the shark" (no pun intended). I'm the "creator-of-sorts" of Darwin the Merman, which will be a show on CN. I have this question: Should DC (Disney Channel) and CN accept this type of show?


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Here's an idea- how about an animated comedy series about dogs making a living in the back alleys of a downtown major city, collecting discarded steak bones from a nearby café or anything that's spilled in an accident. How abut a working title- Back Alley Dogs, it sounds like something which could air on Disney Channel.


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Here's an idea- how about an animated comedy series about dogs making a living in the back alleys of a downtown major city, collecting discarded steak bones from a nearby café or anything that's spilled in an accident. How abut a working title- Back Alley Dogs, it sounds like something which could air on Disney Channel.
I would accept that idea! To Disney Channel! Like my idea, Darwin the Merman to Cartoon Network.
And yes, it quite fits with concepts such as the upcoming Wander Over Yonder or the current Gravity Falls.

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They already aired Little Mermaid, Fish Hooks, Fish Police, The Snorks, etc..., so maybe there will come another cartoon involving talking fish.

I really like the underwater world, but as far as I know there isn't really a cartoon about it that I like. I really hope there will come one some day. :)

(I actually never saw an episode of Fish Police. I think I will watch an episode of that tomorrow...)


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Fish Police only had six episodes. Darwin the Merman will have 4582038947 (just kidding)... Maybe the next "underwater world" cartoon will be Darwin the Merman. I'm the minds behind it. As for Back Alley Dogs, the american Disney Channel is doing well on animation, keep going on.


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(undusts thread)
Disney's The Little Mermaid, based on the movies, around 90% of the characters are merpeople, with around a dozen of active characters (mers or not), and it ran for three seasons, originally on CBS.
If you want to look back, there's the Smurfs, which had mermaid versions of these weird cratures, and the main mermaid vcharacter was called Marina.
On the same network (NBC) and on the same decade (the 80s), we have The Snorks, which had two episode involving these creatures ("Serena the Mermaid" and another one where King Neptune's choch shell doesfalls into the main setting, and it's up to them to meet a merman king, to which they thought it was a myth but he was real!).
Dora the Explorer had a double episode where she becomes a mermaid to clean up the trash in the Mermaid Kingdom.
Stanley (which is merely unknown) had an episode involving a mermaid (it's a pre-school animated series about animals from the Playhouse Disney days. Google it.).
Various examples on SpongeBob SquarePants:
-"Neptune's Spatula", from season 1, where we meet another merman king, with greeen skin (EUGH!).
-The movie had a completely different one, where he is thinning. Also, she has a daughter called Mindy and it takes place after the series is over.
-"Krusty Towers" had a theme called "Neptune XIV". He appears in a photo. Back to the original design.
-"(insert already used merman king name here)'s Paradise", from a video game. He also appeared in another one.-
-His guest apperance in the episode of that KP machine, where he wakes up saying "What was that?" or summat.
-"Clash Of Triton", where it is revealed that he has a wife (Amphitrite, and with a blue skin! I hate mermaids who have a different skin color like on SBSP.) and a son, man, called Triton, man. He seys, like, man, like, at the end of every sentence, man.
-That same episode had a poster of a mermaid.
-Another poster of a mermaid appeared on some guy's office in another episode, called "Black Jack".
-And the mermaids on "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle". At the end, Pearl invites them to go shopping.
The Fairly OddParents (which is going downhill) had this episode called "Something's Fishy", where he becomes a merman called Timmy Turntrout and he meets a world of... dwarf-ear merpeople. Yuck. Merpeople with dwarf ears. He meats a fat (no offence) merman called King Greg, who which he calls Cosmo as the "Accursed One".
-Who can forget the island of mermaids that look like Trixie Tang?
A joke on Adventure Time: "Did the mermaid SEA a movie?"
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack had many of 'em: the queen who dies and becomes a skymaid (my merpeople are immortal), the two mermaids that one man had to meet, and some episodes with mermen "Gone Wishin'", at the start, "Low Tidings" and "Fish Out Of Water", complete with a song in weird Eastern European folklore patterns.
Dexter's Laboratory: "Ocean Commotion". Seen it.
Courage the Cowardly Dog: "Aqua Farmer" had a scene in which Eustace said that if he loses, Muriel wants to live with a dolphin... AS A MERMAID!
Johnny Bravo: "Moby Jerk" had a merman who insulted a lot. "You look like a bellboy at the Motel 5". The episode ends with... an insulting mermaid.
The Problem Solverz: "Mermaid Raid". Haven't seen it.
Bubble Guppies: sadly we don't have it over here. They're just wannabe guppies/merpeople. They are watermen to me. Still, I am not happy with the result.
Phineas and Ferb had this episode called "Atlantis". It was supposed to be an episode where they become merpeople, but guess what, they wear scubawear, travel across a ghost town, Baljeet spoofs a painting and they bring it to the surface... only to return to the sea after another Dr. Doofenshmirtz failure, won by Agent P. There's a statue of a "Poseidon, which looks like a merman to me.
Fish Hooks: "Fish Floaters". One of those fall floats looked like a mermaid to me. And it said that it was modelled after a mermaid in the European Portuguese dub.
There you go! There are just some examples.
P.S. Darwin the Merman should be an underwater world cartoon with cars that have beds on the back, fewer bubbles when the merpeople are swimming, Bea should be voiced by the same actress as Starfire/Ami... BTW, Bea is Darwin's crush. Oddly enough, she is her sister.


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I actually have most of the Fish Police comics. It seems like it would've made a good series if they had stuck closer to the comics, which are actually quite well-written: there's a lot of story in the first four issues alone, and the characters are well defined. I also like the art style, especially a take on anthro fish that I don't think I've ever seen anyone else do.

The cartoon was just up to its gills in fishy puns, and had literally NOTHING in common with the comics other than a few names.


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