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For me, the biggest advantage of physical Switch games over digital Switch games involves physical games taking up less of the console's memory. I keep them in one case as opposed to their original packaging, but still hoard the original packaging due to Nintendo printing something interesting inside (such as the inside of the Super Mario Odyssey case listing the lyrics to Mayor Pauline's "Jump Up, Superstar!")


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This reminds me of how hard to find Yo-Kai Watch 3's English physical release is. They only released a certain amount of copies, and after that, you were out of luck, unless you want to pay $80 for it.


I just got a physical DVD of the movie I Origins. I don't think many of those were made. Also found a VHS of Madagascar, which is also supposed to be pretty rare, having been made close to the end of the VHS' lifespan.

My current white whale in terms of this kind of stuff is the VHS of the French movie Climax. A24 made about 100 of the things, in 2019 mind you, and they only turn up on Ebay once in a blue moon - and when they do there's typically some quirk preventing me from snagging it (as I write this there's one on Ebay but it only ships to the U.S. and not Canada).


also, I already shared this in the Wonderful World of YouTube thread, but Scott the Woz talks about Poop Slinger on PS4 and other rare games here:


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