I Lost My Body - What happens when your hand gets cut off?

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Oct 22, 2012
Here's the trailer!

"Rosalie belongs to a young man named Naoufel. She is his right hand. But one day, a circular saw separates them. Rosalie escapes from the Med school refrigerator where she is awaiting dissection, determined to reunite with her body. While on the run, dodging traps and avoiding danger in the city, Rosalie looks back on her life with Naoufel. When she finds him, he’s in a terrible state. She decides to give him a “hand” in fulfilling his destiny, who goes by the name of Gabrielle."

It's based on the book Happy Hand by Guillaume Laurent. In an article from 2014, when they first came up with the idea to make this movie, they were speaking about "rotoscoping", a technique to draw around live-action actors.

Here's the trailer!

Here's a scene from the movie.


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