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A heifer is a female cow.

A female cow which hasn't had a calf; all cows are female. Bulls are male. Steers are castrated males. Oxen are...at one time "ox" was a generic term for all cattle, but now I think it's just used for draft animals.

Don't ask me what you're supposed to call them if you don't know all these details; I've never been able to figure that out. Cow works, since everyone knows what you mean. Just expect a few people to correct you: "'Cow' only refers to females; that's a bull."

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The Dutch word for cow is "koe", pronounced the same as Old English cū.

A female cow is also just "koe".
A female dolphin, a female moose, a female rhino, a female elephant and a female whale are also called "koe", but most people don't know that, I learned that today.


TIL that this video got picked up on the Disney - Topic channel and most of its 2M+ views therefore come from little kids on the Youtube Kids app.


The kids are all wrong
All Froot Loops taste the same no matter what color Froot Loop you put in your mouth.

Why do you think it's spelled with two O's?

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ça va nog wel
Yes, they all taste like disgusting medication that is made extremely sweet to cover the taste. "I wonder why they don't sell it in Belgium'", a Canadian friend once said.

Froot Loops has got four O's and the cereal is shaped like an O.

Also, It's perhaps illegal to market something as "fruit" when there is almost definitely no fruit in it, so they went with froot.
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If you are going to watch a movie that's a popular domain but is playing in select theaters and only has one showing, remember to get tickets in advance.

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Today I found out Ghostbusters didn't invent the word "ectoplasm," it was in use as far back as 1941, as this poster proves. This is also my favorite use of the word so far.


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