I feel like if The Thief and The Cobbler got butchered and screwed over in today's time period, It wouldn't be a pretty picture

Like in today's time period when almost everyone has social media accounts. I bet you if they pull what they did to TatC now. Artists and animators who worked on the film would've been infuriated and would've gone on their Facebooks, Twitters, etc. talking smack to WB (which was supposed to distribute the film) saying stuff like WB doesn't respect art all they care is money, the people would try to make protests or threaten to leak footage and stuff like that.

And it definitely would've been the same thing if they pull the Miramax route on it. The animators would've been more infuriated.

It's still sad that Richard Williams never made the movie he wanted and has his vision destroyed by clueless executives.

Maybe if the film stayed independent and gotten a distribution deal with someone like Fox Searchlight, A24, or Sony Pictures Classics i think it might've had a chance. But those distributors didn't exist yet when the film was in production


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