I cant remember the name of this cartoon/anime


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Aug 23, 2021
Hello! Ive been searching for a cartoon i used to watch as a child, i watched it around 2007-2010 i think.
I dont remember the characters name`s but i do remember some things about the story. The story was set in an ancient time and the first episode was about an old wise man that was looking for 3 legendary warriors to help him. The first of them that he found was a girl and when she was fighting the bad guys she used something like a gymnastic ribbon. The second of them was a man who i think used a sword, and the other was a man who used some sort of spike weapon.
I remember an episode where the girl was kidnaped by mermaids to become the mermaid prince bride and the other 2 main characters went to rescue her.
I dont remember if this animation was an anime or western cartoon.
If you can recognize this animation please let me know and thank you very much for reading.
Have a nice day!


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