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Jan 19, 2015
So, I was inspired to make this thread after continuously hearing on YouTube and other social networking sites that there are "no reliable animation news sites", and that Cartoon Brew isn't one that is reliable. So, I made a list of some blogs, resources, and websites that I thought would be helpful. Feel free to add any to this thread:

Animation for Adults
A decent blog run by some friends who want to persuade the surface level idea of cartoons and animation. Also has an in-house podcast.

Animation Magazine
Anything (and I mean ANYTHING) pertaining to animation, VFX and special effects is reported in this magazine.

Animated Views;
Reviews DVD & other home releases, books, films in theaters & etc. Has an INCREDIBLY helpful calendar for currently showing and soon-to-be released theatrical animated films in the U.S. (current & future years)

Animation World Network
Looks at animation news, mostly on the business side. Box office results, trade deals, licensing rights, those sorts of things.

Cartoon Research;
Blog that archives and analyzes old cartoons. Heavily focused on American cartoons, but will sometimes dabble in anime and etc. Has a store and list of films from the 2000s to now of every animated film released in US theaters.

A French website that gives daily movie & TV news on American and European animation (mostly French). Since it's a French site, expect a lot of news pertaining to animation studios, festivals, and DVD releases stationed in France. While the site is in French, it gives an English-language summary at the end of each article. Also has a Tumblr blog. Highly reccommended.

Very specifically a news and review blog run by a bunch of friends. They also have a podcast.

Skwigly Online Magazine;
Website that does daily movie and TV news and reviews on animation (mostly American and UK-based). Sometimes they will interview notable animators and creators on their YouTube channel in a series called "Lightbox". Also has 3 monthly podcasts with the site runners where they also do interviews with animators and directors.

An inspiration and news resource blog for professionals, students, and hobbyists. Blogging since 2011.


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