How would a DC/Capcom crossover fighter would do?

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Jun 17, 2015
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I know this seems shilling & all, but considering the failure that was Marvel vs Capcom Infinite happened and that it was bested out by Dragon Ball FighterZ in the Esports and Injustice 2 by a long shot, should Capcom in general. Get a chance at redemption by giving up their Marvel license and exchanging it to DC for a crossover fighter with Capcom?

I mean yeah it sounds like cheating and all, but considering Infinite was a mess, it would be better if DC got to be in the circle and repair the damage that game had done with the company. Plus all of DC's characters are under one roof unlike Marvel who's rights to the X-Men & Fantastic Four are at Fox. So the character roster would be a no brainer cause the DC portion would feature the Injusitce fighters minus the guest characters, and same thing for Capcom from their franchises. Plus give it a dual audio track in both English & Japanese for both sides, considering MVC:I had no Japanese track.

Also on a side note, I would love it for a story mode, it'd be narrated by Fred Tatasciore's Swamp Thing and announced for the Menu, character select and in-game by Jon Bailey, the Honest Trailer guy.


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