How did Canada obtain an AS channel?


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Aug 12, 2019
We are now coming up on the 1st Anniversary of Adult Swim Canada, which airs a wide variety of programming highly similar to the AS block in the USA.

Given the success of AS Canada, will a similar channel work in the USA? How did Canada manage to obtain an AS channel in the first place? Is it because the content ratings in Canada are more lax than in the USA?


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Mar 17, 2010
Whatever the circumstances were, it seems to have gotten Corus to do things they haven't done. Pretty much all AdultSwim originals premiere at the same time in Canada. The only exclusions are shows Netflix snatched (Final Space, Mike Tyson's Mysteries) well before the relaunch. They can't be bothered to acquire shows outside of their existing content partnerships, though.

I'm not too sure how things will play out in the future. The channel relies heavily on the Fox animated sitcom library (much like the U.S. block does) and who can say what'll happen in a post-Disney+ world. Corus does operate Disney channels in Canada but those are starting to die off internationally (XD especially).
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