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From the front page of AnimeSuperhero.com:

"So How Close Is Hollow Knight: Silksong To Coming Out?"​


"Every year, among the hundreds of April Fools jokes companies both big and small pull all over the place, there is always one that looks fake but turns out to be legit. It might be a weird strategy to announce or release something on the day most people are expecting false information, but there are places that do it. This year a screenshot was passed around of Hollow Knight: Silksong getting a page on the XBox store, and that HAD to be fake, right? Wrong.

For those not in this particular loop, the original Hollow Knight was one of the most popular Metroidvanias of the last decade. A sequel, subtitled Silksong, was announced in 2019. And every year since, the game’s fanbase has crowded around press events and direct videos expecting some kind of release announcement. They don’t get it, they grumble a lot, and then they wait for the next event.

Anyway, it’s now April 2 and it’s still there, so it’s true: XBox has a page for Hollow Knight: Silksong. Not the game itself, just the place where it’s supposed to go if it ever comes out. It’s true that Nintendo and Sony have had their own Silksong pages for months now, but this one contains some new information: the reveal that it will be on Game Pass day one, and that it has an ESRB rating of E10+."

Read the full article here.


Apr 2, 2024
The appearance of the Hollow Knight: Silksong page on the XBox store has caused some lively discussion among fans of the game. This is a really interesting observation, especially since many would consider this an April Fool's joke. However, this could be a good sign for fans of the series, indicating that the game is still in development and may be getting closer to release.


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