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I decided to make this thread because there are a bunch of secret details around the previous animated series of Spider-Man, "Ultimate Spider-Man". Details I want to comment in hopes of every Spider-Fan to be aware of it. Basically, a lot of plots and ideas from the series are taken from the Ultimate Comics, mainly the ones about Spider-Man. But there are several hidden surprises too.

+ Peter Parker/Spider-Man working alongside SHIELD and other teen heroes was taken from the Ultimate Comics, considering he had to ask Nick Fury several times against problems too big for him. Nick Fury's version in the show was also the one introduced in the Ultimate Marvel's reality for the very first time.

+ The episode about the Wrecking crew and Damage Control was also taken from a cameo in Ultimate Comics, where its members (Wrecker, Piledriver, Bulldozer and Thunderball) are actually enhanced human who, instead of criminals, they actually work for Damage Control.

+ Mary Jane Watson wanting to work as reporter instead of actress and model was actually taken from the Ultimate Comics too. (Honestly, I'm glad they didn't put her glasses like in the comics).

+ The Brain Switch's plot with Wolverine was taken from an issue of Ultimate Comics. I personally didn't like the concept, and it was creepy to see Peter/Wolverine insinuating to MJ. However, it was funny to see Peter/Logan going berserk on Flash Thompson when he tried to bully him. They later recycled the plot with Hulk, and Loki repeated the thing, giving Doc Ock the idea for the whole Superior Spider-Man. (Luckily, it never happened here).

+ Several plots involving Spider-Man against Nightmare were also taken from the Ultimate Comics, and the worst nightmares of Spider-Man could be the ones in the Christmas episode.

+ Mary Jane bonded with Carnage is actually based on two events from the Ultimate Comics. The first one, the symbiote Carnage absorbing/bonding with the Ultimate version of Gwen Stacy; and the second one, Mary Jane being turned into what appeared to be the Ultimate version of the DemoGoblin. Luckily, the result in the series wasn't so horrible like in the comics. MJ's identity as Carnage Queen was clearly based on the Spider Queen from the "Spider Island" arc, while her identity as Spider-Woman was based on her own daughter from MC2, May "Mayday" Parker. I really liked MJ as Spider-Woman, but I was REALLY worried about her bonded with Carnage.

+ The Spider-Slayers are composited by several sources, actually. We already know Ghost Spider's suit is similar to Future Foundation's Spider-Man, and Goliath Spider is similar to Venom, but with a more human appearance. But there's more references in these characters. Their powers and partially their designs are based on a group of villains enemies of Julia Caprtenter, the second Spider-Woman and current Madame Web. They are called Deathweb, and their members are Arachne (Bone Spider), Therak (Goliath Spider) and Antro (Ghost Spider). Another reference they are based on are the clones created in the Clone Saga from Ultimate Comics.
- Scarlet Spider is the most stable and the only survivor of the clones in the Ultimate version of the Clone Saga, just like the Ultimate Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman).
- We have three freaks with Spider-Powers that look like monsters. In the series, we have Bone Spider, Goliath Spider and Bone Spider. In the Ultimate Comics, we had Kaine (with a deformed face and a ramshackle costume of Spider-Man), Tarantula (black suit, six arms and a face with fangs, eyes and hair of a spider) and Scorpion (a clone with an armor and an injerted tail).
- Finally, we have an older clone, programmed to believe he was Peter's father, Richard Parker. Not really the counterpart, but this is the part covered by the animated series' version of Kaine.

+ Spider-Girl, the female counterpart of Spider-Man in another world, is actually based on two characters. On one hand, she's a female version of Peter Parker, just like Ultimate Jessica Drew, who is a female clone of Peter Parker. The other one is MC2's Spider-Girl, who is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Part of Spider-Girl's attitude is actually based on Mayday's personality as MC2's Spider-Girl.

+ The design and outfit of many villains in the series are actually based on their versions from the Ultimate Comics. Some more recognizable than others:
- The Beetle's main outfit is from his Ultimate Comics' incarnation, although his armors from Earth-616 made ocassional cameos in imaginative scenes.
- Doc Ock had a lot of looks in the series, but the last one he had when the series ended was based on his main look in the Ultimate Comics. Looking healthy and strong.
- Scorpion first costume was a homage to the Mortal Kombat character of the same name, while Scorpion's second costume is from his first counterpart in Ultimate Comics, who was actually a manipulated clone of Peter Parker.
- Electro debuted looking as his classic self from Earth-616, but after being "supercharged", he became a being of pure energy like his counterpart in the Ultimate Comics. (However, they should have let him have a black suit instead of being naked).
- Vulture originally looked like a mutant version of his classic self, but his posterior armored suit was clearly taken from his counterpart in the Ultimate Comics. Only in these comics, he had a human head and the name of Blackie Drago.
- Kraven the Hunter wore the ourfit of his classic self on Earth-616, but his modus operanti, weapons and techniques comes from his Ultimate Comics' self. Also, during the short time he became an humanoid tiger with White Tiger's amulet, it was a reference to his transformation into a werelion in the Ultimate Comics.

+ The original reality of Miles Morales seemed to have all the things that were laking to the series, honestly. That's more than one sense:
- The main Green Goblin looked like a combination of his classic self on Earth 616 and his Ultimate Comics' self; but the Goblin from Miles' world looked much more his counterpart in the Ultimate Comics, looking like a demonic monstruous Goblin with fire powers, and adding wings.
- We have the whole thing of Peter Parker's dying and Miles Morales taking his place; then he and his mom moves to the main reality.
- We also have Gwen Stacy and Captain George Stacy, although they get traces from their counterparts from Spider-Gwen's reality, by obvious reasons.

Well, what do you think?


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