Herman and Katnip and Harveytoons DVD sets

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Feb 2, 2004
Wow I'm so happy my information is still here. I was a regular here with the crowd that became Golden Age Cartoons, and the crowd that was the Big Cartoon Database before the Toonzone years. I realize there is probably a reference thread or something somewhere with these basic questions but humor me this once. I also wanted to post just to see that my information still worked.

Are there edits on these DVDs besides the opening and closing themes, and the 1 gag from "Drinks on the Mouse"? I'm in the mood to splurge big time on some DVDs. I've been behind on everything since my collecting went on hold during the recession. I was in that thickest mold of guys who refused to buy edited cartoons but if only 1 gag is edited out of these 2 sets I'll make an exception. As for the credits, well, those Herman and Katnip songs were so lame I don't mind them missing lol!