Help with unknown character. Head hunter, Witch Doctor, Voodoo guy

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Aug 5, 2018
I’ve been searching for days trying to figure out who this guy is. Can’t find him. He’s a short, angry, tiki mask or African mask wearing guy. Probably an Islander of some sort. He’s shouting and jumping around stomping his feet. I think he has grass around his ankles and holds a spear. Anyone know who I’m talking about? I can picture him so clearly in my mind but my searches are feeble. Me and my husband would of most likely seen the cartoon in the early to mid 80's. I asked in the Inkwell forum because we thought he might of been Bugs Bunny but no one can place him, so I am mistaken. It won't let me attach pictures right now. Ill try in the comments. ( Its not voodoo man from pink panther, he does look most like him but no bones on top of his head. Its not the red nose witch doctor from bugs bunny, my guy wears a big mask)