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Aug 5, 2002
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Here's you guys' problem: Actually caring what Kevin Smith thinks about any given subject.
That's fair. Personally I only care about what Kevin Smith thinks about the show he is going to deliver, not this other show he has nothing to do with. I actually think Smith is enough of a pro not get offended by Mattel making another Masters of the Universe cartoon aimed at a younger audience than his show.

Personally, the Kevin Smith show sounds more appealing to me than the CGI show, just because I think a PG-13 He-Man could fun and reflect some of the Masters of the Universe comics that have come out over the decades. But Mattel would stupid not have a show that tries appeal to kids today.

The problem is Kevin Smith has a pretty mixed record as a creator, I liked Dogma well enough (I could see why others wouldn't) and I liked his runs of Daredevil and Green Arrow, but something like Yoga Hosers sounds like the worst thing ever and he does come off as a bit too much of a fanboy sometimes.
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